Cup Match congratulations

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Minister of National Security the Hon. Wayne M. Caines JP, MP has congratulated Bermudians for heeding the Government’s call for a safe Cup Match holiday.

The Minister said, “Cup Match is an iconic event and for most Bermudians it is the longest holiday weekend. Apart from the cricket match, there is a lot of revelry, but also rest and recreation for many hard working Bermudians.

“I’m glad to say that while there were some unfortunate incidents, our people largely had a respectful and safe summer break. And that makes it a huge success.”

There was an incident at “Paradise Lakes” which is being investigated by the Bermuda Police Service (BPS). It involved a stabbing and injuries to two people, who were treated in hospital and released.

Police have reported a total of 48 arrests over the holiday period, including 12 for suspicion of impaired driving.

But Minister Caines pointed out there were a number of events involving large crowds of people having fun that occurred without incident.

They included the Cup Match event itself, major concerts, Beachfest, the Raft-Up in St. George’s and the Non-Mariners event in which hundreds of boats were present.

He said, “Considering the amount of people, there were very few incidents.

“We must thank our emergency service personnel. We see them as “first-responders” when there is an incident, but we forget they are on duty – away from family and friends - during these holidays when the rest of us are having fun.

“They are on duty at all manner of unsociable hours to protect and serve us. They include people at the hospital and ambulance service, our firemen and people responsible for maritime safety. And there are many others.

“In particular, I must congratulate the Bermuda Police Service, because I believe a robust policing plan for the holiday helped set the tone and reduce the number of incidents faced by the community.

“The increased police presence was evident with 150 police officers on duty over the holiday, while a strong maritime presence included the BPS and the Royal Bermuda Regiment.

“And our emphasis on alcohol awareness, we believe, won widespread community buy-in.”