Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

Good evening Bermuda,

This weekend provides an opportunity for the island to come together to celebrate our Emancipation heritage once again.

Even though we won’t be celebrating via the Annual Cricket Classic this year, it’s still a holiday. And it’s our expectation that many of our residents will be heading to our beaches and parks and spending considerable time on the water over the long holiday weekend.

I would like to reiterate that our joint community engagement teams comprising of the Bermuda Police Service and the Royal Bermuda Regiment will be actively visible over the Cup Match holiday.

Please note that the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) has a robust policing plan in place in order to ensure public safety.

With the expectation of large gatherings, they will be present at beaches such as Horseshoe Bay Beach, Clearwater Beach and other frequently attended beaches and park areas. 

On the topic of events and gatherings of more than 50 individuals, we continue to urge those in attendance to adhere to the guidelines.

At all times, please practice the appropriate health and safety measures such as physical distancing, mask wearing and proper hand hygiene.

We are also urging the public to use common sense when it comes to alcohol consumption over the holiday period.

As you know, the BPS will be conducting Road Side Sobriety checks across the island over the holiday weekend.

As it relates to recreational boating over the holiday, the BPS and the Coast Guard will be present on our waters to ensure that the marine environment is as safe as possible.

The Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Reserve comprising of Police Officers, RBR soldiers, and Reserve Police Officers will be operating 24-hours a day across Bermuda’s waters, including up to 12 miles from shore. 

Regarding the COVID-19 regulations, boaters should be aware of the following:


  • Social distancing on boats must be adhered to;


  • Raft-ups are allowed….  BUT, the right precautions MUST be in place such as the wearing of masks if 3-feet of distancing cannot be maintained.


  • Raft-Ups must not exceed 50 people.

Some general water safety points to know:


  • File a Float Plan with a friend or the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre before leaving shore;


  • Boaters must have the appropriate safety equipment on board such as life jackets; a working VHF radio and navigation lights;


  • Boaters should not exceed the 5-knot speed limit;


  • Alcohol consumption – As a reminder, operating a vessel under the influence is prohibited;


  • Music – The public is reminded to be courteous to other recreational boaters when playing loud music on the water;


  • Jet Skis – Over the Cup Match weekend, in accordance with the Marine Board Notice 2020, jet skis are prohibited from entering the areas of Paradise Lakes and Mangrove Bay.


To quote aspects of the notice:

Any person operating a personal watercraft, commonly known as a jet ski, is prohibited from entering these areas of water, between 5.00 am Thursday 30 July 2020 – 11.00 pm Sunday 2 August 2020.


The areas include: Paradise Lakes, including all waters between Hawkins Island, Nelly Island, Ports Island, Long Island, Beta Island, Gamma Island, Delta Island, Epsilon Island, Zeta Island, Iota Island, Eta Island, Marshalls Island and Fern Island.


Additionally, the areas of Mangrove Bay in Somerset, Watford Bridge King’s Point, Somerset Long Bay, Cambridge Beaches in Somerset, and Daniel’s Head to Flora Point are also off limits to jet skis.


Ultimately, we wish to ensure a safe and peaceful time on the water for recreational boaters.

Anyone violating these regulations could face prosecution.

If anyone wishes to report a breach on land or water, they can do so by calling 211.

I wish to make the public aware that, in the event that we do have any anti-social behaviour or violence of any kind, the Gang Violence Reduction Team and our Coordinated Crisis Response Team will be on standby this Cup Match weekend to mitigate any matters.

Moving on from Cup Match expectations, I would like to take a minute to highlight and remind the public as to the guidelines for indoor dining, please remember that:

  • All staff must wear masks at all times
  • Guests must wear face masks whilst waiting to be seated and other times when not at their table
  • Physical distancing should be maintained at least 6 feet when queuing
  • Guests must use hand sanitizer or wash hands before entering establishment
  • Clear signage must be provided at the entrance to the establishment and within the premises in relation to regulations, face masks being worn, physical distancing, hand hygiene
  • A copy of the guidance document must be prominently displayed within the establishment
  • The establishment must have systems in place to ensure physical distance in restroom facilities as well as a robust cleaning regime
  • Contact tracing measures should also be in place to ensure adequate tracing in the event of an outbreak, measure such as: tables should be numbered, servers name visible, and details of each diner should also be recorded including date of visit, name, address and contact information.

These contact tracing procedures have been implemented as they are an essential part in combatting any outbreak from a communicable disease. Remember we are still battling COVID-19 on the island, it’s essential that we have procedures in place to assist with tracing any occurrence of an outbreak.

It is going to take every one of us to do our part and assist where we can.

If you visit any establishments and/or observe behaviours where the COVID-19 guidelines are not being adhered to please mention it to them and also follow up by calling 211 as well.

We have weathered this virus quite well thus far and it is my hope that we will not see a spike in cases after the holiday is over.

Finally Bermuda, I wish all of Bermuda a safe and happy 2020 Cup Match, Emancipation Day and Mary Prince Day holiday.  

Thank you.