Commissioner of Education on DOE Communications Consultant

11 April, 2019

The Ministry and Department of Education are committed to the strategies and recommendations in Plan 2022. 

The mandates found in Plan 2022 have been thoughtfully set out based on what Bermudians have called for and demanded.

During the public consultation period, prior to the release of the final Plan 2022 document, it was mandated that the Department of Education increase high-quality communication to parents and all education stakeholders (Plan 2022 Strategy 5.3.1).

Recommendation 5.3.1 of the Plan states:

Strengthen External Communication and Engagement: Increase high-quality communication and public relations to all stakeholders, with a focus on ensuring parents are informed and connected to their schools by continuing to build upon the Parental Involvement Committee model to improve relationships between school and home (5.3.1)

The RFQ released by the Department of Education for a local, Communications Consultant is a direct response to this consultation-driven recommendation.

Having a dedicated expert to carry out Strategy 5.3.1 will enable the Department to meet the overall goals of Plan 2022. It also reinforces the Ministry of Education’s aim to create job opportunities for Bermuda residents.

The successful candidate will learn about the intricacies of the Department of Education and communicate information within the context of the work that we do, achievements as well as challenges, and with improved timelines.

We are excited to have someone come on board to execute this particular Plan 2022 strategy.

It is an indication of commitment to Plan 2022 and additional evidence of the progress that we are making on behalf of Bermuda, and for Bermuda.