Bermudian Professional Development: Michele Bean P3 Certification

19 July, 2019

Mr. Speaker, the House is aware of this Government’s unwavering commitment to creating and supporting professional training and development opportunities for Bermudians. The House is also aware of this Government’s continued efforts to optimize and improve the Airport deal to maximize benefits for Bermuda.

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to update Members on the recent achievements of Michele Bean, a Bermudian who unifies and represents both Government commitments. Michele is the Director of Public Private Partnerships (or P3) Contract Management at the Bermuda Airport Authority. She is responsible for contract oversight of the airport redevelopment P3 project and the thirty-year concession agreement. In her role she ensures the airport developer and operator’s obligations are fulfilled in accordance with the various contracts and regulations. Over a 13-month period, Michele recently completed the APMG P3 Certification Program and is now a Certified Public Private Partnership Professional (or CP3P). This programme is an internationally supported innovation of the Asian Development Bank, American Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank, and the World Bank Group. In Michele, Bermuda has a qualified, certified professional capable of managing complex infrastructure challenges like those experienced at our airport redevelopment project.

Mr. Speaker, recognizing the potential for future P3 agreements on the Island and this Government’s goal of ensuring Bermudians are effectively prepared to lead these future projects, we are excited to celebrate Michele’s recent accomplishment, and look forward to more Bermudians receiving this and similar high-value professional certifications. I ask the Honourable Members of this House to join me in congratulating Michele for her achievement and hard work and in wishing her future success in her role representing and fighting for Bermuda’s interests as a member of the Airport Authority team.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.