Bermuda Demonstrates Commitment to Maritime Excellence with Comprehensive Mass Rescue Exercise

Port Security Exercise

The Ministry of National Security recently organised a comprehensive mass rescue exercise at Pier 6 on Front Street. Held on July 5, 2024, this tabletop exercise brought together various Government departments and local agencies from across the Island. It focused on operations and planning in the event of a mass rescue and ensured Bermuda's preparedness in maritime operations.

The exercise is part of Bermuda's ongoing efforts to comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Instrument Implementation Code, commonly called the Triple I Code. This code sets a unified international standard for the operation of maritime functions by IMO Member States, ensuring readiness and compliance with international maritime regulations.

Minister of National Security Michael Weeks, JP, MP, emphasised the importance of such exercises in maintaining Bermuda's maritime readiness and international standing, explaining, "Ensuring we are prepared for any maritime incident is paramount for our Island's safety and economic stability. This exercise demonstrates our commitment to meeting international standards and ensuring that Bermuda remains a leader in maritime compliance and readiness."

The Triple I Code plays a vital role in guiding Bermuda's maritime operations, including coastal, port, and flag state functions. As Bermuda prepares for the upcoming IMO Member State Audit Scheme (IMSAS) audit, collaborative efforts across various governmental and local agencies are essential. The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) will conduct assurance audits to gauge Bermuda's compliance and readiness.

In recent years, significant progress has been made towards implementing the Triple I Code and the Bermuda Shipping and Maritime Authority (BSMA) has proved instrumental in providing direction and support to ensure compliance with the code. Critical tasks have included:

  • Completing a Gap Analysis.

  • Addressing findings from the MCA report.

  • Making necessary legislative and procedural changes.

Minister Weeks continued, "We are making significant strides towards compliance, and the cooperation and collaboration between the Government, quangos, and other organisations are critical to our success. The Ministry of National Security looks forward to all involved's continued collaboration and dedication as we strive for maritime excellence."