• The Ministry of Public Works is advising that effective August 6, 2018, Blackwatch Pass will be closed to traffic so that construction works can be conducted. The closure will be for an extended period of time. While Blackwatch Pass is closed the public is encouraged to seek alternative routes to avoid delays.


  • The Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs is advising that beginning Friday, August 10 the Central Bus Terminal ticket kiosk in Hamilton will operate on an amended schedule. Read more

Applying for a Betting Licence

Requirements to apply for a Betting Licence

  1. ​Applicants are to submit this application with the requisite receipt and a cheque for advertising fees to the Clerk to the Betting Licensing Authority at Magistrates’ Court.
  2. The Fee for this Application is to be paid to the Accountant General’s Department Cashier in the Government Administration Building, Ground Floor.
  3. New and annual renewal applications are to be submitted with the requisite Certificates, etc.
  4. A copy of this Application shall be served on the Commissioner of Police.