Tourism and Transport

The Ministry of Tourism and Transport oversees all transportation and transportation-related development in Bermuda, as well as the broadcasting and space and satellite sectors.

Meet Bermuda’s Minister of Tourism and Transport, the Hon. Zane De Silva, JP, MP

What do they do?

  • To develop and direct Government transportation policies and programs.
  • To undertake a leadership role in ensuring that all facets of the transportation system work together effectively and in concert with Bermuda's Tourism product.
  • To provide research assistance to internal departments so Bermuda's public transport system can remain modern, efficient and world-class.
  • monitoring broadcasting content and controlling political broadcasts in Bermuda through the Broadcasting Commissioners;
  • rating films and advising government on obscene broadcast content through the Broadcasting Commissioners; and
  • granting broadcasting licences upon the advice of the Telecommunications Commission;
  • To provide broadcast licences and assign broadcast spectrum.
  • To undertake satellite filing administration services and authorise the operation of earth stations on our shores.