Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phase II Guidance

Bermuda’s phased approach to reopening during the COVID-19 crisis requires strict protocols to limit potential risk in the community.

Retail stores

Retail stores to open for in-store customers and standard to be 20% of approved fire occupancy inside at any one time AND to follow same alphabetical shopping days:

• A-F on Monday and Thursday;

• G-Q on Tuesday and Friday; and

• R-Z on Wednesday and Saturday.

Day Care

Licensed Day Care Centres can apply to Ministry of Health to be allowed to open.

Working from home

Remote working and working from home still required, where reasonably practicable.

Restaurants and bars

Restaurants open for outdoor dining and NOT dining indoors. Licensed bars with outdoor bars permitted to open on same criteria as restaurants. Subject to the approval of the Ministry of Health.

Weddings and funerals

Outdoor weddings and funerals to have maximum of 20 people with masks and physical distancing.

Grocery stores to maintain current operation

• A-F on Monday and Thursday;

• G-Q on Tuesday and Friday; and

• R-Z on Wednesday and Saturday.


Requirement for those boating to be from same household to be removed but still only a maximum of ten people with physical distancing. Playgrounds and outdoor gym equipment to be opened.

Personal services

Beauty salons and barbers to open for limited services – public health requirements and PPE use to be set out.

Also in operation

• Construction, mechanical and landscaping;

• Parks, beaches and golf courses;

• Skeleton government and court Services;

• Limited Public Transportation; and

• Limited numbers for gatherings (no more than ten people with physical distancing in place).

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