1. Where can I go to pay contributions, make inquires or submit application forms for Social Insurance, without going into Hamilton?

  2. Can individuals get a social insurance number from the age of 16?

  3. How do I get a social insurance number?

  4. Is it a pre-requisite that you need to have a job before you can obtain a social insurance number?

  5. How far back can I make an adjustment to my staff with respect to Social Insurance contributions?

  6. Can I make retroactive adjustments to my staff employment records with DOSI?

  7. Do I get interest on my paid contributions?

  8. I have two jobs and my primary employer deducts social insurance, should my secondary employer deduct as well?

  9. I have a terminal illness and can no longer work. Can I receive an early pension?

  10. On the back of the widow's form it asks for your insurance number. Is this your social insurance number or your health insurance number?

  11. How long does it take for pension applications to be processed?

  12. Can contributions be transferred to another country?

  13. What if a spouse dies before the pension receiving age of 65, can the widow/ widower get his/her pension

  14. My spouse has died and was a War Vet, do I get compensation for funeral cost?

  15. If my employer neglected to take Social Insurance from the beginning of my employment – can he now take payments from me retroactive?

  16. Who is eligible to receive a pension?

  17. When should I expect to receive my pension?

  18. How can I determine what my pension benefits will be?

  19. I have had a number of jobs over the years will I get a pension from each company?

  20. One of the companies I worked at is no longer in business, what happened to my pension?

  21. I am already 65 and haven't received my pension yet, what should I do?

  22. When should I expect to get information about the pension meeting?

  23. I won't be 65 until 12 months from now; can I come into the DOSI office for a meeting about my pension?

  24. Where is the DOSI office?

  25. Can I get information about HIP at the DOSI office?

  26. I have been self-employed all my life am I eligible for a pension?

  27. Can I get my entire pension all at once?

  28. I am planning to live overseas part of the year; will I still get a pension when I'm not in Bermuda?

  29. If I leave the island will I receive my money back from the pension scheme?

  30. Will I receive my pension early, if I retire before reaching the age of 65?

  31. Who do I contact when I'm of retirement age?

  32. If I continue to work after the age of 65, will I still receive a pension?

  33. Can I find out the amount of contributions I currently have attributed to me?

  34. Can I make voluntary payments to make up for missed payments?