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Government Notices (GN)Statutory Instruments or Bermuda Regulations (BR), Legal Notices (LN)

Welcome to The Official Gazette

As from November 1, 2018, the Government of Bermuda has ceased publishing Official Government Notices in the Royal Gazette newspaper and has instead created a dedicated website for the publication of Government Notices. This website has been appointed as the Gazette in accordance with section 7A of the Interpretation Act 1951.

Types of Notices published in The Official Gazette

Government Notices (GN) includes any instrument, notice or announcement published by or under the authority of the Governor or of any other public authority. 

Statutory Instruments or Bermuda Regulations (BR) includes any proclamation, rule, regulation, order, rule of court, by-law, notice or other instrument made in Bermuda under or by virtue of any provision of law and having legislative effect by virtue of publication in the Official Gazette, in accordance with the Statutory Instruments Act 1977. (Please note that these notices are listed on

Legal Notices (LN)  includes any notice required by any Act or provision of law to be published in a newspaper which are instead published here in accordance with section 7A(2) of the Interpretation Act 1951.