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Bermuda’s New COVID-19 Exposure Notification App

Bermuda’s COVID-19 Exposure Notification AppWeHealth Bermuda, a free smartphone application that provides anonymous COVID-19 exposure notifications, was launched in late 2020. It is one of the most sophisticated apps available in the world for helpingto stop the spread of coronavirus. As of today more than 25% of Bermudians are active users of the app and are continuing to help keep residents and visitors safe.

During the Delta wave 2,800 people tested positive on the island. 264 of those chose to share their diagnosis anonymously using the WeHealth Bermuda app during that time, helping to alert an average of 3 others of possible exposure and reduce the risk of further spread to members of their communities. We can continue to have a significant impact together in the fight against COVID-19 and its new variants. Download the WeHealth Bermuda App today and join your fellow citizens in using a safe and anonymous technology solution to help slow the spread of this disease.

Download WeHealth Bermuda from the App Store or Google Play.

The app will run on iPhone models 6S and above with iOS version 13.7 installed. Android users can use the app if their phone supports Bluetooth Low Energy and Android Version 6 (API 23) or above.

To verify the model of your phone and which operating system version it is currently running:

  • iPhone: Go to Settings > General > About. Look for your software version and model name on the About screen.
  • Android: Go to Settings > About > Software Information. Look for your Android version on the Software Information screen and model number on the About screen.

Do you have questions about the WeHealth Bermuda app? Send us an email.

Download WeHealth Bermuda from the App Store

Download WeHealth Bermuda from Google Play

How Does WeHealth Bermuda Work?

WeHealth Bermuda App Walk-Through


WeHealth Bermuda is designed to help slow the spread of COVID-19 by anonymously notifying app users of potential exposure to coronavirus:

  • Bluetooth signals measure exposure distance and duration: When smartphones withWeHealth Bermuda installed are near each other, the app uses Bluetooth signals to determine how close togetherthe devices were, and for how long. No personally identifiable information is used or collected by the app.
  • Exposure notifications are sent automatically:
    WeHealth Bermuda users who test positive for COVID-19 will obtain their test results and a randomized, private verification code from The Ministry of Health. After the verification code is entered into the app, WeHealth Bermuda will automatically and anonymously notify others who may have potentially been exposed, according to the anonymous Bluetooth signals detected.
  • Guidance on what to do is provided in the app:
    Each WeHealth Bermuda COVID-19 exposure notification will show the date someone was potentially exposed to COVID-19 and what steps they should take next, according to The Ministry of Health’s recommendations. Because the app does not collect any personal information, all exposure notifications remain anonymous.



More Prevention Provides Greater COVID-19 Protection

Our families, neighbours, and communities depend on us to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Pairing WeHealth Bermuda exposure notifications with manual contact tracing means better protection for us all.

WeHealth Bermuda
Exposure Notifications

The Ministry of Health Manual Contact Tracing

When a person receives a positive diagnosis, they can share their diagnosis anonymously in the app. WeHealth Bermuda then privately notifies all of the people an infected person was in close proximity with, even if they don't know that person. 

When a person receives a positive diagnosis, a Public Health contact tracer will work with them to manually identify and notify others they may have been exposed in recent interactions.




Created by WeHealth. Customized for Bermuda.

WeHealth is an international public benefit corporation that created WeHealth Bermuda, which leverages groundbreaking technology from Apple and Google’s jointly developed Exposure Notification System. This system has been adopted by several states in the US and countries around the world.

WeHealth has a track record of success at two American universities where the app achieved high rates of adoption. The Government of Bermuda has partnered with WeHealth specifically to customize the app for Bermuda and make it available for free to all residents and visitors.

WeHealth Bermuda FAQs

If you have additional questions about WeHealth Bermuda and how it works, please visit our FAQ page for more information. If you do not see your question listed, please contact us.