Types of Property Ownership

Getting Started

Property or land in Bermuda is owned in a number of ways. This can be as a sole proprietor, joint owners, tenants in common or in some cases trusts.

What you should know

The type of ownership affects what you can do with your property if your relationship with another owner is severed, an owner or trustee dies. The Land Title Registry Office will not be able to give legal advice. Legal advice must be sought from a registered attorney.

Sole Proprietor (Ownership)

As a Sole Proprietor:

  • Exclusive ownership
  • No other person has an interest in the property
  • Free to do anything with their property

Joint Ownership (Co-Ownership)

As a Joint Owner:

  • Equal rights to the whole property
  • Property automatically goes to the other parties if an owner dies
  • A will cannot be used to transfer ownership to another

Tenants in Common

As Tenants in Common:

  • You can own different shares of the property e.g., 70% vs 30%
  • The property  doesn’t automatically go to the other owners if an owner dies
  • A will can be used to transfer ownership to another