Travel Authorisation Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Authorisation Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I apply? 

If you are a resident or work permit holder:

If you are a visitor:

2. I’m confused about what’s expected of me as a traveler

Go to for latest guidance and requirements

3. What is the application process?

  1. Click on “Apply for Travel Authorisation”
  2. A calendar will appear in the middle of your screen. If you are using a tablet, you may need to scroll down to see the calendar.
  3. Select your date of arrival to Bermuda  and click “confirm arrival date” (NOTE: you can only apply for a Travel Authorisation 1 to 3 calendar days before your day of travel)
    1. The green calendar dates are the available arrival dates for which you can book a Travel Authorisation
    2. The red calendar dates will become available for booking (and turn green) for the two days after today’s date
    3. The currently selected date will show in white
  4. You must complete all of the mandatory fields to successfully submit your Travel Authorisation. Mandatory fields will have the following symbol to the right of a required field: 
  5. Once you have answered all the questions, enter your bank card/credit card payment details, consent to the charge by ticking consent box, and enter your initials.
  6. Click “Submit my Travel Authorisation”.
  7. If your application is successful, you will see a Travel Authorisation confirmation on your screen, and you will receive an email with a link to your Travel Authorisation (please print and bring with you on arrival, or be ready to show on a tablet).

4. I’ve submitted the wrong application. What do I do?

Call the COVID-19 hotline on +1(441) 444-2498 or email: . They will be able to reissue your Travel Authorisation.

5. I have submitted a Travel Authorisation but now cannot travel. Can I change the date of my Travel Authorisation?

Yes. Please call the COVID-19 hotline on +1(441) 444-2498 or email: request to change the date of your TA

6. I’ve filled out the form and get an error when I submit my application. What do I do?

Refresh your web browser and try again, or try applying on a different device (laptop, desktop, iPhone, android phone). If you are still struggling contact the hotline on +1(441)444-2498 or email: .

7. I have submitted my travel authorisation payment and got an error message.

You can only use a Visa or Mastercard. American express does not work (this instruction is on the Travel Authorisation welcome page for both residents and visitors).

8. If I have a connecting flight to Bermuda, what do I pick as my arrival date?

Select the date of the flight where the arrival location is Bermuda. Please also select the flight number for the flight where the arrival location is Bermuda.

9. I got an email with my results in it, how do I upload it as it is an email not a document?

Print the email, and when you select the printer, “Print to PDF”. This will turn your email into a PDF you can upload in your TA booking.

10. My upload doesn't seem to be working can I still get my TA and show it on arrival? 

 You must upload a negative test result to get your TA. Please call the COVID-19 hotline for assistance.

11. My flight to Bermuda is more than two days from today. Can I apply for a Travel Authorisation?

No, you will not be able to select your arrival date to Bermuda in the Travel Authorisation application form until 1 to 3 days before your flight.

12. I cannot get a pre-arrival COVID-19 PCR test before travelling to Bermuda. Am I still allowed to travel?

The Quarantine Authority (Minister of Health) of Bermuda, as per paragraph 6 of the Quarantine (COVID-19) (No.3) Order requires visitors to have a negative pre-arrival test result to travel to Bermuda, taken no more than 5 days before arrival. As of 11 July 2020 visitors without a negative pre-arrival test result cannot obtain Travel Authorisation. This applies to all visitors who have been in a country classified by the WHO as having community transmission of COVID-19 (this includes the US, UK and Canada).

13. Who do I contact if I need help with the Travel Authorisation?

You can call the COVID-19 Hotline: +1 (441) 444-2498 or email:

14. I think I submitted TA but didn’t get email…

Check your spam folder. The email should come from If you still have not received it, contact the COVID-19 Hotline on +1(441) 444-2498 or email:

15. I think I uploaded the wrong document for my pre-departure COVID test result. What do I do?

Email the COVID-19 hotline at your new document and TA number and they will upload the new document for you.

16. I'm on a poor internet connection and the upload is taking forever what do I do?

Email your document to the COVID-19 hotline at then call them so they can issue your TA.