Seniors' Health

The Government of Bermuda offers wellness clinics for seniors, as well as government-owned elder care facilities.

There are two government-owned facilities that provide multi-level care for seniors:

Health Insurance for Seniors

FutureCare is an affordable health insurance plan designed specifically for Bermuda's seniors. All full-time residents of Bermuda over the age of 65 are eligible to enroll in FutureCare.

Taking care of your health

A simple fall can change an older adult’s life. Suddenly, you might not be able to remain active in your own home. In Bermuda, hundreds of older men and women fall each year, often resulting in fractures. To lower the risk of falling as an older adult:  

  • Check with your doctor before starting on any exercise programme 

  • Ask about the side effects of medications 

  • Exercise regularly to improve muscle strength and co-ordination 

  • Have regular vision and hearing checks, as small changes in sight and hearing can make you less stable 

Take precautions in your home as well. To prevent falls at home:  

  • Keep walkways tidy and free of clutter and electrical cords 

  • Make sure you have adequate lighting; use a night-light in hallways 

  • Remove throw rugs; carpets should be fastened down and skid-proof 

  • Secure handrails on stairways  

  • Mount grab bars near toilets and in the tub or shower area 

  • Arrange furniture so that it is not in your way when you walk