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Rent Control Exempted Rental Units

The Rent Increases (Domestic Premises) Control Act 1978 currently applies to a tenancy of any residential unit with an annual rental value of $22,800 or less.

The ARV of any premises may be found at or at your local post office.

What is the Objective of the Act?

The objective of the Rent Increases (Domestic Premises) Control Act 1978 is twofold:

  1. To provide a legal process against arbitrary eviction.
  2. To assess whether the rent increase requested is fair given the repair and condition of the unit.

What rental units are exempted from the Rent Increases (Domestic Premises) Act 1978?

The following rental units are exempted from the Rent Increases (Domestic Premises) Control Act 1978:

  • Rental Units that have an ARV higher than $22,800
  • The tenant is an employee of the landlord and the unit forms part of the employment contract;
  • Premises that are licensed as a tourist accommodation by the Department of Tourism;
  • Premises are normally occupied by a landlord who wishes to let them during his temporary absence from the Island for less than one year;
  • Premises that are a boarding or lodging house.