• On Saturday February 25th and Sunday February 26th Trimingham Road, between North and South roundabouts, will be closed to allow for the resurfacing of the road. Traffic diversions will be put in place.


Public health and safety

All recent public health and disaster alerts are available via alerts that get posted to the website. Bermuda has a disaster plan to help families prepare for disaster.  

Environmental health 

Bermuda’s environmental health is closely monitored. The Department of Health examines: 

  • Air quality and pollution levels 

  • Food safety in food production and importation 

  • Water supplies, both in potable water storage and public bathing beaches 

To request water, food, or dairy testing, contact the Department of Health’s Environmental Health Unit.  

Occupational health and safety 

All workspaces—indoor and outdoor—in Bermuda are monitored for health and safety concerns by the Occupational Health and Safety Office. Bermudians should be able to work without fearing illness or injury from the following sources:  


All workplaces with radiation-emitting equipment are monitored in keeping with the Government of Bermuda’s guidelines for radioactive equipment.  

Harmful substances  

All operations involving substances harmful to health—such as asbestos, pesticides, poisons, and fumigants—require a permit. Additionally, the Occupational Health and Safety Office monitors these operations to ensure that accepted levels of exposure are not exceeded. 

Indoor air quality 

All workplaces in Bermuda are non-smoking by law. All new building proposals in Bermuda are subject to a review of the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems to maintain island-wide standards for indoor air quality.  

Dangerous machinery 

All operators of heavy or dangerous machinery must possess the appropriate licences and qualifications. The Occupational Health and Safety Office monitors and registers all such equipment and ensures that heavy machinery is designed, installed, and maintained in safe operating conditions.  

Pest control 

Vermin—rodents and mosquitos—in public places are the responsibility of the Department of Health’s Vector Control Team. To report a vermin issue, contact the Vector Control Team at (441) 278-5333. 

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