Overseas health treatment coverage

You are able to go overseas to receive treatment, and you have a choice of which hospital to go to. View a list of our preferred overseas treatment providers

For overseas emergency care and procedures not offered in Bermuda, the Health Insurance Plan (HIP) pays 60% of usual and customary charges and Future Care pays 75% of usual and customary charges.

All overseas care is subject to prior approval. All overseas care must be directed with local physician referral, the treatment/care must be medically necessary, and the care/treatment or equivalent must not be available in Bermuda.

What you should do if you need to go overseas for treatment

Consult with your local Doctor or General Practitioner (GP).  You must have a referral before you go overseas for treatment.

The following steps will occur if you are going overseas for treatment:

Your Specialist or GP will send the HIAB form to the Europ Assistance – Global Corporate Solutions (GCS) ITPA Division.

  • GCS will open an active case after verifying that you are covered by HIP or FutureCare and verifying that the referral is for eligible benefits.
  • GCS will contact your Specialist or the Hospital in Bermuda, and the overseas facility to which you are being referred to coordinate your care. GCS will arrange an appointment for you at the overseas facility and obtain a pre-estimate of procedures and charges. GCS works with the overseas medical facility to obtain a discount on your behalf.
  • GCS will contact you and will provide an introduction, talk you through the process, provide details of the pre-estimate, outline your medical benefits and tell you the amount you will pay out-of-pocket.

GCS will work with you and the Medical Concierge at King Edward Memorial Hospital to coordinate your travel and accommodations overseas. You will be responsible for all transportation and living costs.

  • You will travel overseas for your treatment and return to Bermuda. GCS subsequently obtains all bills from the overseas facility and provides them to the Health Insurance Department (HID) for processing and payment.

Any co-payments or amounts where the patient is responsible will need to be paid by you to the overseas medical facility. If financial assistance is needed, contact the Financial Assistance or Lady Cubitt Compassionate Association (LCCA) to discuss.

What do I do if I am abroad and have an emergency?

In the event you are off island and require unexpected emergency care, call our Overseas Network provider Europ Assistance – Global Corporate Services (GCS) ITPA Division at any time of the day. They will manage all levels of your care, including pre-authorization, hospital admission, medical appointments, referrals and follow-up home appointments. They are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.  To contact them, call (441) 278-9870 or email on

You need to contact GCS within 48 hours of receiving emergency treatment overseas.  If you do not contact GCS, your claims will be denied.

Benefits with using GCS

Your benefits include:

  • Discounts on overseas treatment,
  • Coordination of care,
  • Reduced stress from handling logistics and other arrangements. This allows you to focus on your family and a healthy recovery.

The following benefits are excluded:

  • In-patient stays in a hospital longer than 45 days,
  • Elective and non-emergency care is excluded,
  • Treatment offered in Bermuda is excluded (unless it is an emergency)

Airfare, air ambulance, hotel costs and ground transportation are also not covered by HIP or FutureCare.