• Effective 27 March 2017 The Department of Immigration, Corporate Services Work Permit Section team contact details change.  Please see the Work Permit Policy 2015 Section 1.2  for changes to the Finance and Business, Other and Hospitality team contact details.

Economic Development

The Ministry of Economic Development has a mission to create jobs in Bermuda and to generate the GDP of the country. It works to create an environment to sustain Bermuda’s businesses and to make the island an attractive place for new businesses.

Meet Bermuda’s Minister of Economic Development, The Hon. Dr. E. Grant Gibbons, JP, MP.

What do they do?

To build Bermuda’s economy and strengthen the country’s GDP, the Ministry of Economic Development:

The ministry is also responsible for the Department of Energy and the Department of Telecommunications.

Read the Ministry of Economic Development's Public Access to Information Statement.