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Land Title Registry office payment policy

Payment by cheque or card

Payments by cheque or card can be completed at the Land Title Registry Office (LTRO).  

Payment by cash

Step 1
All service inquiries require an invoice which will be produced by the LTRO at the time your service request is made.  

Step 2
You will be required to take this invoice to the Works & Engineering cashiers located on the 3rd floor of the Government Post Office building which is located at 56 Church Street, Hamilton, HM 12. 

Step 3
After completion of payment return to the LTRO to complete your service.


Notice for charge account holders

Step 1
Sign into the LTRO Log & Documents Charge sign-in sheet located at the reception desk of the LTRO.  

Step 2
Print your name, company name and service required. 

Step 3
An invoice will be produced at the end of the month and your company will be billed accordingly.