HealthyPeople BDA

Your Reliable App For Vaccine Information

Coming Soon! HealthyPeople BDA A phone application (app.) that will provide you with reliable vaccine information!

The Department of Health’s vision is ‘Healthy people in healthy communities’ and it is our goal to provide the community with the tools to live well. The HealthyPeople BDA app developed by the Department of Health will be your reliable source for vaccine health and provide information on vaccines, health messages, and a spot to keep your vaccine records.

Ever heard of Smallpox? Most of us have not and this is because the use of vaccines. Smallpox is a vaccine preventable disease and thanks to the use of vaccines it is eradicated today. Vaccines are important to the overall health of the community and help us to stay healthy by teaching our bodies to recognize and fight off diseases preventing complications and even death.

The HealthyPeople BDA app will provide you with information on vaccines, services and related health information and will feature:

  • The vaccination schedule, where you can find out when the next vaccine is recommended for you or your family.
  • A milestones guide, where you can get information about the stages of development for your child.
  • Immunization Services, where you can find out about the locations and times for your next vaccination.

Make HealthyPeople BDA your source for your family’s health, because our health matters. HealthyPeople BDA is coming to you in the fall of 2019.