Bermuda Health Plan

Everyone deserves healthcare

The Bermuda Health Plan

The Bermuda Health Plan is the Government’s proposal to make sure everyone can have healthcare coverage.

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Our 1970s health system doesn’t meet 20th century needs

Since 1970 Bermuda has had a mandated basic insurance plan called the Standard Health Benefit or SHB. It includes mostly hospital services and it’s not enough when you need other healthcare like prescriptions or office visits. This basic plan is not available for sale on its own, so it’s of limited use.

The Bermuda Health Plan wants to make sure the core plan includes benefits to keep you healthy and gives people the protection they really need.

The Health Plan will include more core benefits and reduce administration

The Bermuda Health Plan wants to add benefits to the core plan like prescriptions, home care and office visits. This would make everyone’s core coverage better without taking anything away. For example, FutureCare would still cover $2,000 for prescriptions and could even go up.

This means the core plan will include more benefits and your supplemental insurance needs less.

A single / unified insurer will make the core plan affordable

The Health Plan wants everyone to be able to buy core coverage at an affordable price. To do this we need a single insurer to sell it. This means that administration of the core benefits will come under one insurer, making business costs and overheads much less expensive.

The core plan will be cheaper in one large pool, than split among thousands of risk pools as it is now. It’s the law of big numbers.

Unified or single payer systems are best practice globally

The unified or single payer system proposed for Bermuda will be a public private partnership. It will build on the way healthcare works now and protect people’s choice.

One insurer will provide the core, essential health coverage for everyone. And the extras will be covered by your insurer exactly as they do now.

Having one insurer cover everyone is more efficient than having five separate entities doing it. That’s why a single payer will make it easier to control health costs.

We have to do things differently to get a better result

Our health system is complex. Most people don’t fully understand how it works, but everyone can tell if it’s working for them or not. For some people it works really well – they can afford insurance and get all the coverage they need. For others it’s a little tougher. Premiums seem only to go up, benefits are not always enough when you really need help. And for the country as a whole, it’s a big expense!

We have the 2nd most expensive health system, but rank 13th in life expectancy. We can do better.

With the Bermuda Health Plan everyone will be able to get the healthcare they need. And people who want the extras will be able to get it, just as they do now.

The Bermuda Health Plan wants healthcare to be more affordable and accessible to all.

Three to five year timeline

The Health Plan will be implemented over three to five years and in full consultation with the people affected.

The Bermuda Health Plan is the way to get better access and sustainability in Bermuda’s health system.

Next steps

The Ministry of Health completed its public consultation in December 2019. The consultation asked:

The feedback is being collated and will be published shortly.

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