The Ministry of Health and Seniors Headquarters includes the office of the Minister and the Permanent Secretary, the Corporate Services unit and the Accounts Section.

Office of the Minister and Permanent Secretary

The Minister of Health and Seniors sets the policy direction for the Ministry and provides leadership for the island’s health system.

The Permanent Secretary provides executive leadership for the Ministry and is the senior civil service post tasked with ensuring the delivery of the Ministry’s mandate and the Minister’s policies.

The Ministry is madeup of 300 + officers in 5 departments.

The Minister appoints 28 Boards, Councils and Committees to perform mandated and advisory functions for the Ministry.  There are 24 Health Professional Boards and Councils, and 2 Advisory committees, and 2 Quangos.

This office provides the Barbara Ball Public Health Scholarship annually.

The Corporate Services Unit

The Corporate Services Unit reviews, delivers and amends policy, programmes and legislation for health reforms.

The Corporate Services team also take on tasks which cross Ministries as well as emergency projects in support of the Permanent Secretary.

For more information about regulatory updates or legislation that the Corporate Services Unit has completed, visit our Health Library.

The Accounts Section

The Accounts Section ensures the operational running of the Ministry including budget, accounting and management of Ministry grants.

How can I contact Headquarters?

 Telephone: (441) 278-4900

In person:
Continental Building 
25 Church Street 
Hamilton HM 12 Bermuda

By mail:
P.O. Box HM 380 
Hamilton HM BX

By email: