Guidance for governing sporting bodies, affiliated clubs, teams and sporting events

Updated April 14th 2021 

Bermuda is presently under a 7-day Stay at Home Order (as of 5am on Tuesday April 13th 2021).

During this period only permitted businesses are allowed to operate between the hours of 7am and 7pm. Those permitted businesses are:

  • Grocery stores 
  • Pharmacies
  • Banks (limited services) 
  • Gas stations
  • Offices of registered health professionals, clinics, hospital or other health facilities (including veterinary surgeries).

Additionally, grocery shopping will return to alphabetized days of shopping by surname, as outlined here

Click here to review the Premier's full statement for further details.

Click here to review the Public Health (COVID-19 Emergency Powers) (Stay At Home) Regulations 2021 for further details.

The following guidance applies when restrictions are lifted.

Travel Guidance for Players and Personnel

The Ministry of Health advises against any non-essential travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If players or personnel have travelled, they must not return to play a contact sport or attend a gym until permitted in accordance with the relevant Travellers' First 14 Days in Bermuda guidance.

If it is a child who travelled and does not need to test, the testing schedule of their parent or guardian must be provided to play a sport.

An owner, operator or organizer of the sporting body must develop travel policies for both staff and clients to ensure the information is adequately communicated.

Please visit the immunised travellers and non-immunised travellers pages for more information, including the Travellers' First 14 Days in Bermuda guidance.

Group Restrictions

Mixing of households is prohibited.

The regulations also require all persons to take all reasonable precautions to maintain “appropriate physical distancing” (including following any relevant guidance) at all times in any public or private place.

“Appropriate Physical Distancing” means maintaining a distance between all persons who are not members of the same household of at least:

Six feet or three feet provided each person is wearing a mask which completely covers their nose and mouth and following the relevant guidance.


Before returning to play, a sporting body must apply to the Department of Youth and Sport, Sports Development Officer, Maceo Dill for registration via email: or phone: 294 2753

The application must include information on how the sporting body will comply with the guidance.

Return to Play

Currently Bermuda is in Stage 1 of the Return to Play Guidelines effective 29th March 2021 until emergency restrictions are relaxed.  

Contact tracing

The contact details of patrons must be recorded and kept for 21 days.

If requested, this information must be provided to Public Health Officers to assist with contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following procedures must be in place:

The bleachers or seating area must be numbered

Those numbers to correspond with spectators’ contact info,

A roster for each practice and game must include the players and coach roster

The contact details to be collected include:

  • The full name of one household member
  • Date and time of the game or practice
  • Bleacher or seating area for spectators
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Health Screenings

Screening and health status checks for COVID-19 symptoms of players, coaches, volunteers, umpires/referees must be done before each practice

Spectators must also have screenings and health status checks at entrance to a game.


Spectators – different households - must sit at least 6 feet apart. - (however please note that the mixing of households is currently prohibited)

Must wear masks at all times.

Visit Mask Guidance page for more information

Players and Personnel

Must wear a mask when not participating in the sport. Umpires and referees must wear a mask at all times.

There should not be physical contact when celebrating during a game (No high fives, instead thumbs up, or snapping fingers etc.)


Hand washing stations, or alcohol based sanitizer stations must provide players, coaches, volunteers, referees/umpires and spectators.  

Ensure strict physical distancing protocols for spectators (mark 6ft distances, monitor spectator areas to ensure protocols are being followed, etc.)

Pick-up and drop off for parents/guardians (children's leagues) must ensure parents do not enter the facility.

Frequently Touched Areas: equipment, handrails, and all other reusable t contact items will be sanitized after use or as often as possible.

Cleaning schedules: there must be logging of schedules, sanitizing and disinfecting of all shared surfaces and bathrooms.

Identify an area for isolation, in the event of participants falling ill or displaying signs of COVID-19

Appoint someone to ensure physical distancing is being adhered to during the game

Ensure spectators are aware of all protocols and agree to follow them upon entry to the game/event (e.g. put COVID-19 waiver at the top of the sign-in sheet for entry and indicate consequence if protocols are not followed).

Ensure spectators are wearing face coverings/masks at all times during games/events, especial where physical distancing is not possible.

Partner Training Guidelines

Please note that close contact and not wearing masks increases the risk for exposure and spread of COVID-19.

Contact sports are highly discouraged at this time.

Organizations must limit physical contact for as long as possible, but if you plan to return to close-contact in your sport, the below guidance must be followed:

    • Focus on individual skill building versus competition;
    • Limit the time players spend close to others by playing full contact only in game-time situations;
    • Decrease the number of competitions
    • Coaches should divide classes into small groups/cohorts or pairs:
    • This would consist of putting the same people together and keeping them together for all  classes
      • Coaches can pair together members of the same household
      • Coaches can pair together persons that share similar routine (ex. roommates, etc.)
      • Ensure clearly marked spaces and enough spacing for physical distancing between cohorts/pairs
      • Coaches should ensure that partners/groups are not switched around at any point
      • Coaches should ensure that there are clearly marked spaces for individuals to return to once pair or group activities are complete
    • For low intensity sports, when not playing the sport and when partner activities are complete ensure that masks are worn.
    • Ensure that shared spaces and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after paired/cohort activities
    • Ensure that hand sanitation stations are available after paired/cohort activities
    • Ensure that students do not attend classes/sessions if sick or experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms
    • Inform students who are vulnerable persons of the risks as partner training will be close proximity and no masks.
    • Must inform students that it is not mandatory to do partner training and should provide alternatives for students who opt out.
    • Ensure all protocols/health safety procedures presented in their original plan approved by the DoH for “return to play” are followed and are updated accordingly to reflect the above recommendations for return to partner training in Martial Arts and other close-contact sports.

Health and Safety Protocols for your facility

Occupancy: Restrict numbers based on the ability to physically distance at all times. For indoor sports consider reducing numbers even lower than the recommended max to accommodate proper physical distancing.

Ventilation: For indoor sports ensure good or improved ventilation. Open doors and windows if possible. Any fans should draw air away from persons.

Physical Distancing and Equipment: Implement strict physical distancing guidelines of at least six feet between individuals, modify scheduling to reduce unnecessary interactions. Ensure that players do not share equipment and are instructed to bring and label their own items.

Cleaning: Regularly and frequently clean and disinfect any regularly touched surfaces, such as equipment, doorknobs, tables, chairs, and restrooms. Touchpoints may include; equipment specific to the sport (e.g. footballs, baseball bats, baseballs, etc.), door handles, light switches, buttons, equipment and controls. Ensure that there is a robust plan for disinfecting shared equipment.

  • Provide equipment cleaning products and wipes to coaches, staff and volunteers
  • Make hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, soaps and water or similar disinfectant readily available to staff, coaches, and volunteers. Have both employees and participants/spectators sanitize hands on entry to the facility.
  • Place readily visible signs and posters at facility to remind everyone of best hygiene practices, key messages and safety policies, such as physical distancing. Post a copy of this Guidance for staff, coaches, volunteers and spectators.
  • Consider an individual solely or partially dedicated to ensuring the health protocols adopted by the facility are being successfully implemented and followed.

Payments: Avoid cash transactions and promote online registration for players, and payments for spectators where possible.

Limitations on Facility

  • Water fountains (unless hands free bottle filling), common areas, break rooms, and other areas in which coaches, staff, volunteers or players may congregate, unless 6 ft distancing can be achieved and supervised.
  • Consider closing off showers, locker rooms, and lockers (access to restrooms should be provided). Coaches, staff, volunteers and players should come to facility in their appropriate uniforms or clothes and shower at home afterwards. If showers are used, they should be disinfected after each use.
  • If towels are provided, store in covered sanitized containers, clearly marked: clean and used. Use appropriate temperatures when laundering (hot wash, dry completely), staff use appropriate PPE.

Note further:

Sporting bodies, should also consult the Bermuda government COVID-19 Guidance at, to determine other best practices.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in appropriate enforcement measures.

References and further information/resources:


All Information adopted from WHO, CDC, Department of Health Bermuda and governing international sporting bodies on COVID-19 guidance.

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