Guidance for governing sporting bodies, affiliated clubs, teams and sporting events

There is no curfew in effect and the below guidance must be followed.

Note: The owner or operator of a gymnasium must ensure that each person permitted to use the indoor facilities has a valid SafeKey and presents it for verification to the appropriate official in the gymnasium.

Updated 20 January 2022


Sport is currently permitted at Level 3B.

Return to Play Guidance for Sport

Physical activity and sport are very important to the physical and mental wellbeing of the population. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, we must balance the benefit of sport and the safety of the country.


This Guidance provides for sporting activity to take place depending on the country’s level of Covid-19 risk. It takes into account the availability of Covid-19 vaccines and antigen/lateral flow Covid-19 testing.


All Public Health laws apply during every Level of Return to Play, including the limit on group sizes and corresponding legal requirements such as masks and SafeKey.


Facilities must clean and disinfect equipment between users and follow public health cleaning and disinfection guidelines.


Level 1: Individual activities and low risk sports

  • During periods of widespread or growing community transmission, group activities are not permitted
  • Individual activities can continue
  • Low risk sports can continue: archery, baseball, cricket, cross country, cycling, golf, equestrian, motorcycle, rowing, sailing, swimming, tennis, track and field, triathlon
  • Activity involving two or more people must follow the Testing Framework
  • No contact during exercise or technical development activities
  • No spectators


Level 2A/B: Outdoor sports only

  • During periods of community transmission, indoor activities are not permitted
  • Group size is limited by Public Health regulations
  • Testing is required in accordance with the Testing Framework
  • Level 2A: All activity is permitted within the Sporting Group*. No spectators. Youth sport may be attended by up to 2 parents/guardians for supervision
  • Level 2B: Spectators are permitted with verified SafeKey


Level 3A/B: Indoor and outdoor sports

  • During periods of clusters of cases or no outbreaks, all sports are permitted
  • Group size is limited by Public Health regulations
  • Testing is required in accordance with the Testing Framework
  • Level 3A: All activity is permitted within the Sporting Group*. No spectators. Youth sport may be attended by up to 2 parents/guardians for supervision
  • Level 3B: Spectators are permitted with a verified SafeKey.


*Sporting Group: Defined as athletes, coaches, and all those involved in the event operation, within the number of persons permitted by public health laws.


Elite Athletes

Elite athletes representing Bermuda and training for international competition may apply to the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation to be exempted from a Return to Play Level. Public Health laws will apply.


Testing Framework

The testing framework applies equally to adults and children. In order to protect school attendance, it is informed by the CDC Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in K-12 Schools.


To re-start group activity (after Level 1) everyone in the Sporting Bubble must provide proof of an antigen, lateral flow or PCR test taken within 3 days of play.


Both antigen and lateral flow tests are accepted within the permitted number of persons. Individuals already in an established antigen or lateral flow testing regime (school or employer) do not require additional testing.


Testing procedures can be based on international Sports Governing Bodies’  protocols and must be submitted to the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation.


In the event of a positive antigen or lateral flow test, the individual cannot attend any group activity and must quarantine and get a Covid-19 PCR test. A negative PCR test allows play.





Low-risk sport training and competition


Antigen before competition OR


Medium/High risk sports Training and competition

SafeKey, AND

Antigen before competition

Antigen 2 times per week OR



Procedural Guidelines

  1. Sports clubs/teams/groups shall develop written protocols for their activities, events and participants in accordance with the Return to Play Guidance and Public Health guidance. Protocols where applicable shall provide site plans showing how their activities will operate in accordance with the guidance.
  2. Return to Play plans shall be submitted to Department of Youth, Sport & Recreation Sports Development Officer. Where applicable a site visit will be made to venues.
  3. Sport risk assessments and Elite Athlete designations are conducted by the Youth, Sport & Recreation Sports Development Officer.
  4. Queries, protocols and assessment applications should be sent to the Sports Development Officer (Maceo Dill) at
  5. Applications to have more than the permitted number of persons at an event must be made online at: To apply for the season select the “More than One Event/Venue” option and upload your season schedule. Queries can be sent to An email copy can be provided to DYS&R
  6. Groups above the permitted group size require SafeKey for all attendees:


Antigen Testing Procedural Guidance

  • Test within 72 hours for training
  • Test the day of competition
  • Don’t test groups in enclosed spaces if supervising testing


WeHealth Bermuda App

The Bermuda Government launched the WeHealth Bermuda app in an effort to closely monitor the local developments of COVID-19 and ultimately help control the spread of the virus. WeHealth Bermuda is a new smartphone application that provides anonymous COVID-19 exposure notifications, and it is one of the world's most sophisticated apps of its kind.


All Bermudians and visitors to the island are strongly encouraged to download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play. It will run on iPhone models 6S and above with iOS version 13.7 installed. Android users can use the app if their phone supports Bluetooth Low Energy and Android Version 6 (API 23) or above.


Learn more about WeHealth here

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