General Frequently Asked Questions

General Travel

  1. When will the Bermuda Airport resume commercial air service, allowing non-residents to enjoy Bermuda and residents to return? The Bermuda’s L.F. Wade International Airport allowed commercial air service as of 1st July 2020.
  2. Are visitors from certain countries banned from Bermuda once the airport reopens? The Quarantine Authority (Minister of Health) of Bermuda, as per paragraph 6 of the Quarantine (COVID-19) (No.3) Order requires visitors to have a negative pre-departure test result to travel to Bermuda, taken no more than seven days before departure. As of 11th July 2020 visitors without a negative pre-departure test result cannot obtain a Travel Authorisation. This applies to all visitors who have been in a country classified by the WHO as having community transmission of COVID-19 (this includes the US, UK and Canada).
  3. When will cruise lines be returning to Bermuda?  This will be on a date determined in consultation with the cruise industry.
  4. Do work permit holders follow the rules for residents or visitors? Residents


  1. What does the Bermuda Government deem “appropriate insurance?” Please ensure that your health insurance covers illness and injury outside of your home jurisdictions, including related to being positive for COVID-19. If you are unable to secure this kind of insurance, you will be responsible for all health and accommodation costs should you contract COVID-19 or become ill.
  2. How will the Bermuda Government verify that visitors arriving have appropriate insurance? At present the Bermuda Government will not be able to verify this information, it will be up to the individual visitor to know whether they are covered or not. In Bermuda, a doctor’s visit can cost upwards of $150, an emergency room visit can cost upwards of $1,000 and an ambulance will cost over $1,000. You should not travel without health insurance.


  1. Do I have to quarantine while I’m in Bermuda?
  1. With the pre-departure test you will only quarantine at your accommodation while awaiting results of your arrival test. Turnaround time is generally less than 24 hours for most results, though results may take longer depending on arrival time.
  2. Residents who decline pre-departure and arrival testing will quarantine for 14 days and test on day 14 OR quarantine a further 14 days.

While on Island

  1. Do I have to wear a mask while I’m in Bermuda? You must wear a mask in settings where a physical distance of 6ft cannot be maintained. Examples of this are: taxis, buses, grocery and retail stores, pharmacies, and restaurants when not seated at a table. The information on mask wearing is available here:  You do not have to wear the masks on a scooter.


  1. How do I know the requirements for a Bermudian traveling overseas? Persons travelling outbound to other countries should check with the relevant destination for any requirements they may have for entering the country.