Food Business Reopening Checklist


  • Check for expired/out of date foods
  • Deep clean and sanitize chillers/refrigerators and check safe operating temperatures
  • Check dry storage for out of date or damaged foods, any pest activity
  •  Deep clean and disinfect sinks, hand sinks, all work stations and counters, cooking and preparation surfaces, equipment and utensils
  • Check all areas for pest activity
  • Clean and disinfect all garbage cans and garbage areas
  • Deep clean entire premises
  • Clean and disinfect all touch points frequently throughout work periods.

Water and ice

  • Empty ice machine, clean and disinfect all internal and external surfaces and scoops
  • Check water supply to ensure it is potable; the tank may need to be re chlorinated. Check filtration/ UV system is fully operational, replace filters as needed.

Staff facilities

  • Deep clean and disinfect staff bathrooms, lockers and changing areas and lunch room.

Staff & Social Distancing

  • Ensure staff are familiar with personal hygiene and social distancing requirements
  • Ensure all staff adhere to social distancing within the premises i.e. they remain 6 feet apart; if that’s not possible then they must wear face masks.
  • Ensure delivery staff maintain physicall distancing with customers


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