• The Ministry of Public Works wishes to advise motorists crossing the St George’s Swing Bridge that from Monday 27th February until Tuesday 28th February a ramp will be installed on the south side of the bridge to facilitate the works which is likely to cause traffic disruption.  Motorists are advised to reduce their speed to 10km/h when going over the ramp.   


Communication and Information

What do they do?

The Department of Communication and Information (DCI) proactively develops awareness of the Government of Bermuda’s initiatives, programmes and activities.

DCI plays a vital role in providing clear, innovative and relevant Government communications services to the people of Bermuda. The department:

  • runs CITV, the government television station, producing television programmes to educate, enlighten and enrich the public;
  • uses traditional and new media to deliver information to the public about ministries, departments and programmes;
  • creates brochures, signage, books and other collateral material to support government programmes; and
  • captures, catalogues, and stores all government photographs and videos.

Read the Department of Communication and Information Public Access to Information Statement

DCI's 2016-2017 Budget Brief.pdf

How can I contact the Department of Communication and Information with general inquiries?

Telephone: (441) 292-5998

By mail:

Global House

43 Church Street

Hamilton HM 12


By e-mail:

Facebook: The Government of Bermuda

Twitter:  @dciBermuda