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Deeds Registry - Public Search

Types of Searches

There are several types of public searches that can be conducted at the Deeds Registry.   The most common searches identify the owner(s) or previous owner(s) of an existing property.  This can be done by:

  • By way of mortgage
  • By way of transfer notice (land transfer)
  • By way of alien registration (foreign national ownership)

What you need

Searches can often be time consuming and costly.  To expedite the process in helping to identify the property the researcher should have the following information:

  • The year the property was purchased or in occupation
  • The current or any previous owner’s name
  • The lawyer or law firm that completed the transaction
  • Address of the property or parish

How to conduct a public search

Step 1
Notify the Land Title Administrator that you wish to conduct a public search.  

**Transactions completed before 1989 are recorded in paper format and all others are recorded digitally.  Depending on what type of information YOU (the researcher) have can determine whether your search will be done manually or digitally.**

Step 2
Choose your payment method; cash, cheque or card.  See payment instructions LTRO Payment Policy.  All searches are charged at a rate of $24.00 per hour.  Your search begins when proof of payment has been received.

Step 3
Sign in to the Log-in sheet.  Print your name and TIME your search begins.