Deeds Registry Ordering Official Copies

Getting Started

Requests for official copies can be made to the Land Title Registry Office in-person.

What copies can I order

You may wish to obtain copies of the following:

  • Copies of Mortgages
  • Copies of Transfer Notices
  • Copies of Voluntary Conveyances
  • Copies of Alien Registrations

How to order an official copy
Step 1
Identify which type of transaction you wish to copy mortgage, transfer notice, voluntary conveyance or alien registration.  

Step 2
Present transaction type to LTR Administration Clerk.  The LTR Administration Clerk will provide you with an invoice.  Copies will cost $30.00 for the first page only and then $18.00 for every page after page 1 is copied. 

For more information see Deeds Registry Fee List.

Step 3
Complete payment via card, cheque or cash.  See LTRO Payment Policy for instructions on payment.