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Deeds Registry

Who We Are

The Deeds Registry is a division of the Land Title Registry Office (LTRO).  

What We Do

The Deeds Registry is responsible for receiving, recording and processing all property and land transactions such as mortgages, transfer notice, alien registrations and public searches.


All transactions affecting land/property must be registered at the Deeds Registry. These transactions can be in the form of a mortgage, transfer notice or alien registration.   Transactions completed before 1989 are recorded in paper format and all others are recorded digitally. For now all registration must be completed by an attorney under law. In time, land registration will become a requirement for all property owners. 


All property and land subject to a mortgage are recorded and registered at the Deeds Registry.  Mortgages are compiled in the mortgage books and housed in the Deeds Registry library.

Transfer Notice (Land Transfer)

A transfer notice is an application submitted on behalf of your attorney to finalize completion of land/property ownership.  This transaction transfers ownership from the old owner to the new owner.  Once completed the transfer notice is processed and recorded at the Deeds Registry.

Alien Registration

An alien registration as commonly referred is land/property owned by a foreign national.  Alien registrations are compiled in the alien registration books and housed in the Deeds Registry library.

Public Searches

All property/land registered at the Deeds Registry can be publicly searched for a nominal fee.   For more information, please review the LTRO payment policy.