COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Strategy

Priority scheduling for the first batch of the vaccine

Bermuda’s National COVID-19 vaccination strategy has as its primary priority for the COVID-19 vaccination programme the prevention of COVID-19 mortality and the protection of health care workers, essential workers and social care staff and systems.

Secondary priorities include vaccination of those at increased risk of hospitalisation, at increased risk of exposure, and to maintain resilience in public services.

If you fall within the groups we are currently prioritizing for the COVID-19 vaccine, you can register your interest in taking the vaccine by completing this form: or by calling 444-2498, option #2.

Please note: the COVID-19 Vaccine is only available to Bermuda Residents. Proof of ID and residency will be requested at your appointment.

Older adults resident in care homes

There is clear evidence that those living in residential care homes for older adults have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 as they have had a high risk of exposure to infection and are at higher clinical risk of severe disease and mortality. Given the increased risk of outbreaks, morbidity and mortality in closed settings, these adults are considered to be at very high risk. The Ministry Of Health believes that this group should be the highest priority for vaccination. Vaccination of residents and staff at the same time is considered to be a highly efficient strategy within a mass vaccination programme with the greatest potential impact. The COVID-19 vaccination is not mandatory and will be given only to those who request it.

Health and social care workers

Frontline health and social care workers are at increased personal risk of exposure to COVID-19 virus and of transmitting it to susceptible and vulnerable patients in health and social care settings. The Ministry of Health considers frontline health and social care workers who provide care to vulnerable people a high priority for vaccination. Protecting them protects the health and social care service and recognises the risks that they face in this service.

Even a small reduction in transmission arising from vaccination would add to the benefits of vaccinating this population, by reducing transmission from health and social care workers to multiple vulnerable patients and other staff members. This group includes those working in hospice care and those working temporarily in the COVID-19 vaccination programme who provide face-to-face clinical care.


Current evidence strongly indicates that the single greatest risk of mortality from COVID-19 is increasing age and that the risk increases exponentially with age. Mathematical modelling indicates that the optimal strategy for minimising future deaths is to offer vaccination to older age groups first. Data also indicates that the absolute risk of mortality is higher in those over 65 years than that seen in the majority of younger adults with an underlying health condition.

Clinically Extremely Vulnerable 

Many of those who are clinically extremely vulnerable are in the oldest age groups and will be among the first to receive the vaccine.

There is evidence that certain underlying health conditions increase the risk of morbidity and death from COVID-19. When compared to people without underlying health conditions, the increased risk in those with underlying health conditions is considered generally to be lower than the increased risk in persons over the age of 65 years (with the exception of the clinically extremely vulnerable).

The priority will be to offer vaccination to those aged 65 years and over followed by those in clinical risk groups aged 16 years and over.

Clinically Extremely Vulnerable are persons with:

• Immunosuppressant for e.g. chemotherapy or after organ transplant

• Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)

• Severe Asthma

• Severe COPD

Vulnerable people are those suffering with:

• Heart disease

• Chronic kidney disease

• Liver disease

• Diabetes

If you fall within the groups we are currently prioritizing for the COVID-19 Vaccine you can register your interest in taking the vaccine by completing this form: or by calling 444 2498 option#2.

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