COVID-19 Guidance for Retail Stores

Updated November 1, 2021

There is no curfew in effect and the below guidance must be followed.

Retail stores may operate without any capacity limitation.

Additionally, the following conditions apply:

In-store Shopping

  • Staff and customers must wear masks at all times in the store.
  • Physical distancing of at least 6 feet may be maintained during any queuing and customers must wear a mask.
  • Customers must use hand sanitizers provided before entering the store.
  • Customers must follow guidelines implemented by the retail business.
  • Erect signage throughout your store to remind customers to follow the physical distancing requirements, hand hygiene and the need to wear masks.
  • A copy of this guidance document must be prominently displayed within the establishment.
  • Consider establishing permanent measures to manage traffic flow throughout your store, such as floor markings and barriers.
  • Consider erecting Plexiglas barriers between customers and your employees upon checkout. Alternatively staff may wear face shields.
  • Consider rescheduling unnecessary visits from supply chain partners, vendors, delivery personnel or other non-essential personnel to a later time.
  • Physical distancing may also be maintained in the bike/bar parking lot. Workers must maintain a minimum 2 meter/6 foot distance from the adjacent vehicle.
  • The owner or operator of the store may take all reasonable steps to ensure that all staff and customers maintain appropriate physical distancing (at the premises and during any deliveries). This means maintaining a separation of at least 6 feet between persons; They must also comply with any further directions of the Minister of Health regarding cleaning, sanitization, use of personal protective equipment and other precautions to be taken, as published on the website
  • If any such business does not comply with these conditions the Minister of Health may order the business to be closed.

Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing is an essential part of combatting any outbreak of communicable disease. As we are still managing COVID-19 on island, it’s essential that we have procedures in place to assist contact tracing. The following procedure shall be followed. The shoppers’ name and contact number or email will be recorded.

Hand hygiene Sanitization / Cleaning

Sanitization: there will be accessible and visible sanitizing products for customers and staff, with hand sanitizers placed at each entrance. Managers will ensure that staff regularly wash their hands and use hand sanitizers provided. All surfaces will be regularly sanitized. Frequently Touched Areas such as counters, handrails, door handles, cheque presenters, keyboards and other reusable guest and staff contact items will be sanitized after use or as often as possible.

Staff and Customer Health and wellbeing

Businesses are recommended to monitor the health of staff; Temperatures may be taken and recorded. Managers should look for any staff showing symptoms of COVID-19. No staff with symptoms should be allowed to work. They will be sent home and advised to contact their medical practitioner. If the temperature reading is above 37.5 degrees Celsius (99.5°F) employees will be told to seek medical advice, and will not work until medically cleared Some businesses may wish to take the temperature of customers. Customers whose temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius (99.5°F) will be asked to consider seeking medical advice and may not be allowed into the establishment. Managers will also have the right to refuse entry to customers who show other signs of illness such as coughing or sweating, at their discretion.


  • A person making a delivery shall telephone ahead to ensure that the delivery can be received.
  • A person making a delivery to a private residence should:
    • leave the goods outside the customer’s door; and
    • telephone or otherwise inform the customer that the delivery has been made.
  • Where it is necessary for a delivery person to enter a private residence this can only occur if there is not ongoing isolation or quarantine there. In those cases no entry is allowed. When entry is permissible strict precautions are to be followed. These include:
    • Questioning the residents to ensure that no one on the property is showing any symptoms of COVID-19
    • Strict physical distancing policies are in place.
    • Delivery persons and residents must wear masks.
    • Every effort should be taken to reduce the time spent within the residence.
  • A person making a delivery shall not require a customer to sign for receipt of a delivery.
  • A person making a delivery must maintain appropriate physical distancing at all times.
  • A person making a delivery shall comply with all further directions of the Minister of Health regarding cleaning, sanitization, use of personal protective equipment and other precautions to be taken before, during and after deliveries, as published here.

If a person making deliveries does not comply with these requirements the Minister of National Security may order that person to stop making deliveries

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