Coronavirus (COVID-19) Recreation

Updated May 9th 2021

As of 6am on Sunday May 9th 2021 there is a night-time curfew from 10pm to 5am and the below guidance must be followed.

The mixing of households is not prohibited but it is strongly discouraged.

Playgrounds and outdoor gym equipment are open.

Bars and Nightclubs

  • Outdoor areas are permitted to open ONLY.
  • Table service is permitted ONLY, with max 6 persons at a table and tables spaced 6ft apart
  • Patrons must wear masks when not seated

For further guidance visit: Bar and Nightclub Guidance.


  • Restaurants are permitted to open for outdoor dining and NOT indoor dining.
  • Table service is permitted only, with a maximum of 6 persons per table and tables spaced 6ft apart.
  • Patrons must wear masks when not seated.

For further guidance visit Indoor and Outdoor Guidance.

Gyms, Exercise Facilities, Health Clubs and Dance Studios

  • Gyms can open with equipment to be spaced 6ft. apart.
  • Staff, personal trainers and patrons must wear masks and maintain 6ft physical distance.
  • No high intensity, aerobic, or any other activity that requires a mask to be removed are allowed indoors
  • Masks not required for outdoor classes with 6ft physical distance between persons.
  • Max. class size - 10 persons (as at 7 May 2021, but subject to change).
  • Limit facility occupancy to that indicated by physical distancing required

For further guidance visit: Gyms, Exercise Facilities, Health Clubs and Dance Studios

Events and Gatherings

Groups are restricted to 10 persons, with physical distancing in place.

For further guidance visit: Events and Gatherings guidance 

Sport and Return to Play Guidance

Sport is permitted at Stage 2 of the Return to Play Guidance, effective 9th May.  Stage 2 allows for team training within the requirements permitted by the Emergency Regulations:

  • Groups of 10
  • No contact
  • 6 feet between participants
  • Masks except during physical exertion 
  • 30 minutes between groups to allow for cleaning
  • No fans

Individual, non-contact sports may apply to the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation with their operational plan to progress to Stage 3. Adults entering Stage 3 will require a covid-19 saliva test, which must be repeated monthly. Tests can be booked online at the public test sites. Immunised athletes don't need to be tested for Stage 3 purposes. Individual NSGBs can require more testing for adults, immunised and children according to their needs and standards.

For further information visit: Guidance for governing sporting bodies, affiliated clubs, teams and sporting events

Movie Theatres, Theatres, Museums, Libraries and Similar Places of Public Entertainment/Venues

  • The number of persons in the venue cannot exceed 20% capacity up to a maximum of 25 persons.
  • Masks must be worn.

The following are minimum guidance from the Ministry of Health for all movie theatres and similar venues. Venues may adopt additional protocols consistent with their specific needs and circumstances to help protect the health and safety of all employees and customers: Movie Theatres, Theatres, Museums, Libraries and Similar Places of Public Entertainment/Venues

Parks, Beaches, Playgrounds and Golf Courses

All parks, beaches, playgrounds and golf courses are open.

Visiting Parks, Beaches, Playgrounds and Golf Courses Guidance: Staying physically active is one of the best ways to keep your mind and body healthy. In many areas, people can visit parks, trails, and open spaces as a way to relieve stress, get some fresh air and vitamin D, stay active, and safely connect with others (The Centers for Disease Control & Infection, 2019).

Personal Services

Barber shops, beauty salons, spas and massage therapists are prohibited from providing services which require face masks to be removed.

For further guidance visit: Personal Services Guidance.


This guidane will be updated as soon as possible.

Religious Establishments, Weddings, Domestic Partnerships and Funerals

Indoor services: number of persons cannot exceed 20% of seating capacity up to a maximum of 25 persons. Masks must be worn.

Outdoor services: maximum of 25 persons.

For further guidance visit: Religious Establishments, Weddings, Domestic Partnerships and Funerals

Retail Stores

Retail stores are permitted to open for in-store customers and the standard is a maximum of 20% of the store’s occupancy capacity.

For furrther guidance visit: COVID-19 Guidance for Retail Stores.

Island Boats ‘Hire & Reward’

For hire and reward customers there should be some pre-screening; including temperature taking, a questionnaire to collect contact information on each person for contact tracing record keeping. For further information see: Guidance for Island Boats for Hire & Reward

Recreational Boating 

Restrictions on Recreational Boating Activity:

  1. Recreational boating is allowed until 8pm, with no more than ten persons using the boat (including crew). 
  2. Commercial boats are allowed the capacity set through Marine & Ports licensing and cannot be on the water after curfew

Animal Owners

COVID-19 remains a disease primarily spread by human-to-human transmission. There is no evidence of animals passing the virus to humans or contributing to the spread of SARS-CoV-2 amongst people, however, the following Guidance will provide Animal Owners with precautions to take should they contract COVID-19: COVID-19 Public Guidance for Animal Owners