Pre-vetted Travel Authorisation

Updated 13 December 2021

Travel Authorisations will need to be purchased between 1 to 3 days before travel. This is to allow review of the Travel Authorisation and required documents.

Effective December 3 2021, vaccinated air travelers may get either a PCR or antigen test as a pre-arrival test. All crew members, unvaccinated travellers and travellers arriving by sea must get a PCR test.

A valid pre-arrival test result must meet the following standards:

  • Test must be performed by an accredited laboratory

  • Display full name of laboratory and contact information for laboratory

  • Display traveller's full name and date of birth

  • Test result document must report the date the sample was collected which must be within the time frame listed below

  • Test type must be a PCR or an antigen test for immunised travellers:

    • If the traveller is immunised and arriving by air either test type is accepted

    • Effective 13 December 2021 all visitors 12 years and older must be immunized. (This does not apply to persons under 12 years or crew members).

    • For PCR tests, the date of the test must be no more than 4 days of arrival.  For example if you are arriving on the 6th June, a test is valid starting from 2nd June.  The day of the test is considered day 0.  The test result must state "PCR" - either RT or Rapid PCR.

    • For antigen tests, the date of the test must be no more than 3 days from arrival.

    • Test result must be negative

  • For unimmunised minors travelling with immunised parents/guardians ONLY PCR TEST RESULTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Visitors who do not submit a valid pre-arrival test result will be notified that their test is not valid and will be given the opportunity to submit a valid result. If a visitor cannot submit a valid test result, they will be denied a Travel Authorisation and will not be able to travel to Bermuda.

Residents who cannot provide a valid pre-arrival test will be issued a Travel Authorisation. 

Immunised Residents without a valid pre-arrival test will be issued a travel authorization but must quarantine until receipt of a negative day four (4) test result. Unimmnised residents must quarantine for 14 days at home.

For more information visit out: Traveller's Testing FAQ's page.

Travel Authorisations will be vetted between 9am and 8pm daily. Submission of a Travel Authorisation within 24 hours of your travel date will not be approved. Any traveller needing an emergency Travel Authorisation issued the day of travel must contact the COVID-19 Helpline on +1(441)444-2498.