Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phase 4 Guidance

Bermuda’s phased approach to reopening during the COVID-19 crisis requires strict protocols to limit potential risk in the community. Below is information about the reopening of Bermuda.

Grocery Stores

Last names no longer apply. Persons can shop on any day of the week.


Persons should not gather in groups of 75 or more in public or private, except for specific circumstaces which include: wedding, funerals, worship settings, and public transport.

Gyms, Exercise Facilities, Health Clubs, and Dance Studios

Gyms will be allowed to open with enhanced cleaning and sanitation practices. There are requirements for both the owner, staff and patrons. 

Movie Theatres, Museums, Libraries and similar public venues

The Ministry of Health has published minimal guidance for all movie theatres and similar venues. Venues may adopt additional protocols consistent with their specific needs and circumstances to help protect the health and safety of all employees and customers.

Personal services

Personal Services can be provided with public health requirements and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

Information for the owners and operators of personal services establishments can be downloaded here: Directions for Providing Personal Services Safely Phase 3Directions for Providing Personal Services Safely Phase 3

Restaurants and bars

Restaurants open for outdoor dining and indoor dining with specific requirements for health and safety including patrons must wear a mask if queing to enter the restaurant or while moving around the restaurant.

Bars and Nighclubs will be able to open with requirements for health and safety of the staff and patrons and restrictions on specific services. The full guidance is available here: Guidance for Nightclubs and Bars.

Retail stores

Retail stores which had previously operated under curbside and delivery only service, may now open for business under certain conditions detailed in the Directions.


Playgrounds and outdoor gym equipment to be opened. Guidance for these activities are available on the Recreation Guidance Page.

Parks, Beaches and pools are also open with the appropriate physical distancing required. Directions for these are available on the Recreation page.

Schools, Childcare and Camps

Schools, Day Care and Camps may now operate with specific guidance developed for the various child care settings. Camps should register with the Ministry of Health. All of these are availble on the Schools, Childcare and camps guidance page.


Buses and ferries are back in operation with required physical distancing and mask wearing for patrons. Minibuses and Taxi operators have updated guidance to protect their health and safety while operating.


Commercial airlines may return to Bermuda, but there are specific testing requirements to replace the requirement to quarantine for 14 days.

Both visitors and residents must apply for a Travel Authorisation Form, 48 hours before departing for Bermuda. 

Religious Establishments Weddings Domestic Partnerships and Funeral Services

Weddings, domestic partnerships, funerals and communion can be held with the appropriate physical distancing in place and use of masks. Please refer to the Religious Establishments Wedding, Domestic Partnership and Funeral Services

Working from home

End of mandated working from home - but those who can, should continue to work from home.