Get Tested for COVID-19

Updated May 18 2022:

The Ministry of Health has restructured COVID-19 Testing to meet the various testing needs of visitors and residents.

Symptomatic testing

If you are experiencing symptoms or if you have tested positive on an at-home antigen test, please contact the COVID-19 helpline at 444-2498 to schedule a symptomatic testing appointment at Perot Post Office. Alternatively, you can book a PCR test by contacting your physician or through a private lab.

For a list of approved COVID-19 testing facilities go to:

Traveller testing

Resident Outbound “Fit-to-Fly” Testing

Residents can get an outbound test at Washington Mall through May 31 2022 or through participating labs or pharmacies across the island.

To book at Washington Mall through May 31, go to:

A list of participating pharmacies and labs is available at: .

To book a test through one of these private providers, go to:

Perot Post office is no longer open to residents for outbound testing, with the exception of students studying abroad. Students can walk in at Perot Post Office to get a student outbound antigen test. They must show a student ID to get a test.

Visitor Outbound “Fit-to-Fly” Testing

Visitors will have their outbound test automatically scheduled for them at Perot Post Office when they arrive to Bermuda. Visitors may get their outbound test at Perot or at approved Covid-19 testing facilities across the island.

Required Testing for Inbound Unvaccinated Residents:

Unvaccinated residents will have their Day 4 and Day 10 antigen test automatically booked for them at Perot Post Office.

PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A NEW APPOINTMENT for your Day 4 or Day 10 travel test.

Perot Post Office (open daily 10am-4pm)

Please click on the link below for directions to this location:

Perot Post office

Between 10-2pm, this testing site is used for:

  • Day 4 and Day 10 travel tests for residents
  • Outbound travel tests for visitors

Between 2-4pm, this testing site is used for:

  • Symptomatic testing (PCR and antigen tests as appropriate)


How to schedule your COVID-19 Test at Perot Post Office:

  1. Call the hotline on 444-2498 to schedule a time for your COVID-19 test at Perot. Alternatively, you can book a PCR test by contacting your physician or through a private lab. (note: you cannot book a symptomatic test at a pharmacy)
  2. Please bring the confirmation number provided to you in your email reminder when you arrive for your appointment. You can bring a printed copy or you can show it to the testing team on your phone.
  3. Please bring a photo ID to your appointment. If your child is to be tested, please make every effort to bring an ID for them also (passport, birth certificate).  
  4. If you have a letter from the Chief Medical Officer or the Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit for an appointment, please bring the letter to your appointment.