Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Immunised Travellers

Updated March 31st 2021

See important information below for immunised travellers coming from the UK. 

To review guidance for non-immunised travellers click here.

Immunised travellers to Bermuda must follow the requirements set-out in the Quarantine (COVID-19) (No.3) Order 2020 and the below protocols. 

An immunised traveller is someone who has received appropriate doses of a COVID-19 vaccine (e.g. two doses for the Pfizer Vaccine) and there is two weeks since the last dose

Both visitors and residents must apply for a Bermuda COVID-19 Travel Authorisation 1 to 3 days before departure and cannot travel to Bermuda without an approved Travel Authorisation. Submission of a Travel Authorisation application within 24 hours of your travel date will not be approved.

The Travel Authorisation application requires an upload of a negative pre-arrival test result.

Travel Authorisation applications are vetted between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily, prior to approval (see Tables below for requirements and the process). Emergency Travel Authorisations may be issued on the day of travel by the COVID-19 Helpline on +1(441)444-2498. If your Travel Authorisation is not approved before your flight, you cannot travel to Bermuda. 

Pre-Arrival Test

  • Immunised travellers WITH a valid negative, pre-arrival COVID-19 PCR test result must quarantine until they receive a negative result from their arrival COVID-19 PCR test. Following that they are no longer required to quarantine, but must test on day 4, 8 and 14. 
  • Immunised resident travellers WITHOUT a valid negative, pre-arrival COVID-19 PCR test result must quarantine until they receive a negative result from their day 4 COVID-19 PCR test. Following that they are no longer required to quarantine, but must test on day 8 and 14.

Once released from quarantine all immunised travellers can carry out regular day-to-day activities, and must continue to abide by public health measures as outlined at

On Island Restrictions

Immunised travellers are NOT required to wear a Traveller Wristband.

Immunised travellers with a negative pre-arrival test result must quarantine until receiving a negative arrival test result. Immunised resident travellers without a negative pre-arrival test result or travelling from the UK must quarantine until receiving a negative day 4 test result.

Once negative arrival or negative day 4 test results are received, the immunised traveller is not required to follow the 14 Day Travel Restrictions, and can carry out regular day-to-day activities. However, they will be required to test on day 4, day 8 and day 14, as outlined on the Immunised Travellers' First 14 Days in Bermuda and Immunised UK Travellers' First 14 Days in Bermuda guidance.

The immunised traveller must also comply with other public health measures however, such as wearing a mask in public places, santizing their hands regularly and practicing physical distancing.

Business Visitors

Immunised business visitors are permitted to have face to face meetings following receipt of a negative COVID-19 arrival test result. However meeting rooms should be well-ventilated whenever possible, and persons who are clinically vulnerable should consider whether or not to attend a meeting with a traveller, even if that traveller is immunised.

Public health measures must be followed at all times, as outlined at


Residents arriving on the island without a valid pre-arrival test are required to pay a $300 fee. 

IMPORTANT: By applying for a Travel Authorisation, visitors and residents agree to comply with Bermuda's quarantine and public health laws and instructions at all times. If you test positive at any time you shall isolate for 14 days at your accommodation, at your cost. If you are a close contact of a positive person, you will self-quarantine for 14 days, at your cost. By purchasing a Travel Authorisation you agree to comply with Bermuda's laws designed to protect residents and visitors from COVID-19 spread.

Immunised Travellers' First 14 Days in Bermuda

Immunised UK Travellers' First 14 Days in Bermuda

Travellers' Quick Guide

WeHealth Bermuda App

The Bermuda Government launched the WeHealth Bermuda app in an effort to closely monitor the local developments of COVID-19 and ultimately help control the spread of the virus. WeHealth Bermuda is a new smartphone application that provides anonymous COVID-19 exposure notifications, and it is one of the world's most sophisticated apps of its kind.

All Bermudians and visitors to the island are strongly encouraged to download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play. It will run on iPhone models 6S and above with iOS version 13.7 installed. Android users can use the app if their phone supports Bluetooth Low Energy and Android Version 6 (API 23) or above.

Learn more about WeHealth here.

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