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Boundary guidelines and information

The boundaries of your land are determined by local surveyors. The Land Title Registry Office (LTRO) keeps a record of your property’s boundaries, but doesn’t determine them. This government record takes the form of the original survey plans lodged in support of the first registration of a property; these records are scanned and form part of the permanent record of the registered title.

The LTRO uses information from survey plans to ensure that entries in Land Title Registry Index Map (LTRIM) are reproduced as accurately as possible.

Finding property boundaries in Bermuda

You can conduct a property search to find out where your boundary lines are.

The information found in the LTRIM cannot be used for official use and cannot serve as evidence in a court of law. You must obtain official copies for any legal proceedings or official use.

Disputed boundary lines in Bermuda

In the case of a disagreement between registered owners, the Land Title Registration Office can provide a first level of dispute resolution. This may prove to be a less formal and less expensive solution than pursing a matter through the courts.