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Boundary Guidelines

1. Getting Started

The LTRO will use information appearing on survey plans to ensure the extent of any parcel on the LTRIM is reproduced (digitized) as accurately as possible.

2. Who determines where my boundary is located?

The LTRO WILL NOT determine the position of your boundaries. This will remain a task for local surveyors.
Any survey plan lodged in support of First Registration or First Registration of Voluntary Registration will be scanned electronically (pdf format) to form part of the permanent record of the registered title.
For more information See Practice Guide 7 – Land Title Registry Index Map (LTRIM).

3. How can I find out my boundary extent?

A simple search of the LTRIM can be conducted.
The information found on the LTRIM cannot be used for official use nor can it serve as evidence in a court of law.

4. How to resolve a boundary dispute?

The LTRA 2011, LTRAA 2017 and LTRR 2018 includes a provision for a first level of dispute resolution where there is a disagreement between registered owners. This may prove to be a less formal and a less expensive solution than the current route through the courts.