Bermuda Health Strategy

Updated 5th March 2020

The Bermuda Health Strategy 2014 – 2019 is based on the National Health Plan 2011, and sets out the Government’s vision to reform the Island’s health system.

The Strategy expired in 2019 and the Ministry of Health is currently upgrading it for 2020 – 2025. With the assistance of KPMG’s global health expertise and Strategic Leadership Group of multi-sectoral healthcare partners, a new shared vision for health will be developed that inspires hope, trust and confidence across the community.

The 2014 – 2019 health strategy mission is “to provide affordable and sustainable healthcare for all Bermuda residents”, in order to achieve the vision: “Healthy people in healthy communities”.

The health strategy is founded on three core values:

  • Equity: Equal access to basic healthcare
  • Quality: The right care, at the right time, in the right setting
  • Sustainability: Spending levels affordable for the economy, employers, payors, providers, individuals and families

To achieve the mission, the health strategy sets out 14 health sector goals to address specific deficiencies in the health system that lead to high cost and poor value. These are:

  1. Increase access to basic health insurance
  2. Encourage and expand the use of outpatient facilities
  3. Ensure health coverage contributions become affordable, to increase access to healthcare
  4. Streamline use of overseas care
  5. Develop mechanisms to pay healthcare providers to contain costs and improve health outcomes
  6. Introduce an electronic health information system
  7. Implement strategies to meet the long-term healthcare needs of seniors and persons with physical, cognitive or mental disabilities
  8. Ensure clinical care meets best practice models
  9. Reduce the complexity of the health system funding
  10. Update health and insurance regulation to reflect current technologies and pricing and use of services
  11. Encourage healthy lifestyles through involving health professionals and organizations
  12. Partner with physicians and the broader healthcare community to achieve health reform goals and improve the coordination of healthcare delivery
  13. Increase the access to interventions to prevent and manage non-communicable diseases and their risk factors
  14. Ensure Government funding for vulnerable populations is protected and directed to most needy.

The Strategy will be supported by individual action plans for specific initiatives to achieve the Strategy goals. The Bermuda Health Action plan outlined a first set of implementation objectives focused on preventing chronic, non-communicable disases, developing health professionals' scope and health system strengthening. These are now largely completed or in progress as outlined under each Goal webpage. The Ministry will report on progress through this web page at least twice a year.

Distinction between the Health Strategy and the Bermuda Health Plan (BHP)

The Bermuda Health Strategy 2014 – 2019 is a 5-year strategy to address 14 broad health system goals, of which health financing reform and universal coverage are 2 goals.

The Bermuda Health Plan comes under the auspices of the broader strategy to address the 2 goals of health financing reform to improve access and sustainability in the health system.

The Health Plan is focused only on financing reform. The Strategy is focused on the broader health system including, for example, prevention and long term care.

The Bermuda Health Plan can be found here: