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Bermuda Energy Summit 2017

The fourth annual Bermuda Energy Summit was held on November 16th 2017.  Attendees included local and overseas energy industry stakeholders, local community and business leaders, Government officials and representatives from environmental advocacy groups. 

The Keynote speaker for the 2017 Summit was Dr. Devon Gardner, the Programme Manager for Energy of the CARICOM Secretariat, who spoke about his experience in resource assessment, physical modeling, engineering design and policy development in the Caribbean. 

The Summit included presentations from the following panelists highlighted;

Charting our Path: the IRP process 

The panel discussed the Integrated Resource Planning process, how it is used in other jurisdictions, and considerations that may inform the process in Bermuda.  Panelists included and presentations were given by – Stephen Mushegan of the Clinton Climate Initiative, Mark Konold of World Watch Institute, Bruce Tsuchida of the Brattle Group, and Jonathan Starling of Greenrock.

Overlooked Opportunities  

In the absence of an industrial sector, the hospitality industry is one of the largest electricity consumer sectors in Bermuda.  This panel explored how high energy costs have driven innovation in practice in other islands, and examined how conservation and efficiency should play a larger role in how we look at energy planning in Bermuda.  Panelists included and presentations were given by;  Scott Kittson of the Rosedon Hotel, Danny Moore of Rosewood Tucker’s Point, and  ‎Loreto Duffy-Meyers the Regional Programme Manager from the ‎Caribbean Hotel Energy Efficiency Action (CHENACT).

From Policy to Practice

In an effort to increase the uptake of renewable energy while maintaining system reliability and ensuring that all market participants have fair opportunities, a delicate balance has to be struck.  Robust regulation makes this happen.  This panel explored the role of the regulator, how different rate structures can work for our small jurisdiction, and some of the pitfalls that can be encountered.  Panelists included and presentations were given by;  Dr. Karl McDermott of the  University of Illinois, David Littell of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society(RAPS), Bruce Tsuchida the Brattle Group, and Christiaan Gitschler of the Inter-American Development Bank.  

On Our Horizon  

Looking at innovations that can work in other jurisdictions can sometimes lead us down an untenable path.  What we will be looking at in this panel is technology that we can use here and now, and technology we can explore.  This panel will examine Electric Vehicles, Storage and Smart Grids, and how those can contribute toward a resilient and future proof grid.  Panelists included and presentations were given by;  Stephanie Simons and Joshua Simons from BELCO, and Jacqueline DeRosa of Customized Energy Solutions