Are you unimmunised?

Effective October 1 2021, Government Hotel Quarantine requirements are ending.

 For all travellers arriving September 26, 2021 onwards:

 All unvaccinated travellers must quarantine on arrival for 14 days at an accommodation of their choosing provided they can:

  • Quarantine alone without other household members in the same dwelling OR
  • They can quarantine in a location where all those staying in the accommodation are willing to quarantine with them (all adults in the accommodation must sign a waiver agreeing to this)*

If unvaccinated travellers cannot quarantine alone or do not have a household accommodation where all household members are willing to quarantine with them, they will be expected to quarantine at a paid accommodation at their own expense

 ALL exemptions will end.

NOTE: unimmunised minors travelling and residing with immunised parents/guardians do not have to complete the household waivers. Please visit for more information.

If you are travelling for medical reasons and have a medical certificate showing the need to travel for medical reasons you can upload it to your Travel Authorization as proof and you may quarantine at home without having to obtain quarantine waivers for everyone in your household.

 * household waiver applications: If an unvaccinated traveller intends to share a household with others, they will be asked to list the names and contact information for all adult household members sharing a house with them, and give all adult members of the household a waiver agreeing to quarantine with the traveller for 14 days, wear a red wristband during their quarantine, and get tested 14 days after the traveller's arrival to Bermuda. The traveller will need to collect all signed waivers before their travel to Bermuda and upload the waivers of all adult household members to their Travel Authorization application form.

 If waivers are not uploaded, the traveller is expected to quarantine at a paid accommodation of their choosing at their own expense, or other accommodation where they can quarantine alone.

All visitors 2-years-old and older, must have a negative pre-arrival test taken within four days before arrival in Bermuda. Residents, two-years-old or older, are strongly encouraged to have a negative pre-arrival PCR COVID-19 test taken within 4 days of arrival. The requirements for a valid test can be found here

Travellers with a quarantine requirement may be visited by the Royal Bermuda Regiment to confirm they are quarantined.

Travellers failing to complete a Travel Authorisation form before travelling to Bermuda will be charged $1,000 upon arrival for the completion of a Travel Authorisation.

Travellers who are unvaccinated and cannot quarantine at home alone on arrival:

Step 1


  • Select a paid accommodation in which you can quarantine alone and provide the address in the TA application as the traveller quarantine location .

Step 2

1 to 3 days prior to arriving in Bermuda, apply for your Travel Authorisation and be ready to upload your completed and signed household waivers or medical certificate if applicable.  Your TA is considered incomplete and will be rejected if you do not upload the necessary documents and untrue statements can cause legal action to be pursued against a traveller

Step 3

Pay for your Travel Authorisation is $75. Have available either electronically or in paper your Travel Authorisations for boarding the plane. The Bermuda Government will email your travel authorization to you. Please check and double-check that the email you provide to us is correct. Also, check your junk folder to make sure the travel authorization is not there.

Step 4: 

Upon arrival in Bermuda, have your Travel Authorisation available electronically or printed for scanning.

Step 5: 

Test upon arrival.

Step 6: 

If you are unvaccinated and staying with household members, have the household members book a test 14 days after your arrival.

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