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Updated 3rd March 2022

Current Guidelines until 11:59 pm March 6, 2022: 


(see below for new guidelines effective 7 March 2022)


For mariners arriving before March 7, 2022:

All visitors arriving by air or sea to Bermuda must be fully vaccinated as defined here except for persons younger than 18 years and working crew.

A pleasure craft and superyacht mariner, arriving by sea may quarantine upon arriving in Bermuda on their vessel and fly the yellow flag to signal quarantine.

An immunised mariner without a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 4 days of their departure date for Bermuda must quarantine for 4 days (inclusive of the time at sea from the last port) on their boat upon arrival in Bermuda.

An unimmunised mariner must quarantine for 10 days (inclusive of the time at sea from the last port) on their boat upon arrival in Bermuda. 

A persons arriving by air to join a pleasure craft or superyacht should follow the Air Traveller Protocols.

Captains must send the Travel Authorisation, vaccine certificates and negative COVID-19 PCR test result for all mariners to: and

Captains must also follow the normal procedures to apply for transit, cruising or charter permits (Passenger Ships and Other Vessels Act 1972).

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Starting March 7th 2022:

Travel Requirements for: Visitors Arriving on a Pleasure Craft or Super Yacht

All visitors to Bermuda 2 years old and up are required to have an approved travel authorization to enter Bermuda. Children under 2 years old do not need to apply for a travel authorization.

Testing and quarantine requirements will depend on your immunisation status.

All Bermuda visitors arriving by sea aged 12 and older must be fully vaccinated to enter Bermuda. Click here for Bermuda’s definition of fully vaccinated.

Visitors who are unvaccinated and have a medical contraindication to COVID-19 vaccines can apply for a medical exemption through their travel authorization application. Click here to review the exemption application criteria.

Unvaccinated children 11 and under can enter Bermuda and will take on the vaccination status of the guardian travelling with them: If the guardians are unvaccinated, they must follow the requirements for unvaccinated travellers. If the guardians are vaccinated, they must follow the requirements for vaccinated travellers.

Vaccinated children 11 and under can apply for a travel authorization based on their personal vaccination status.

Travellers arriving by air to join a pleasure craft or superyacht should apply as a traveller arriving by air through the Resident Traveller Authorization here or the Visitor Traveller Authorization here.

Summary table of travel requirements for visitors arriving by pleasure craft or super yacht:

Passenger Category

Travel Application and Pre-Travel Test Requirements

Requirements on Arrival

Fully Vaccinated Travellers 12 years and over

Travel Authorization required. Application is $40.

PCR test up to 4 days before departure


Supervised antigen, NAAT Molecular  or LAMP test up to 2 days before departure

No on island testing required

Traveller can get off the boat on arrival

Unvaccinated Travellers 12 years and over with approved medical exemption

Travel Authorization required. Application is $40.

Mandatory PCR test up to 4 days before departure

- Traveller cannot get off the boat

- PCR test on arrival (day 0)

- 4-day quarantine, minus days at sea

- PCR quarantine exit test

- Supervised antigen test on day 10

Children 2- 11 years old

Travel Authorization required. Application is $40.

If unvaccinated:

Mandatory PCR test up to 4 days before departure

If fully vaccinated:

PCR test up to 4 days before departure


Supervised antigen, NAAT Molecular or LAMP test up to 2 days before departure

Unvaccinated children: Test and quarantine requirements based on the immunisation status of travelling parent/guardian.

Unvaccinated children of unvaccinated guardians cannot get off the boat

Vaccinated children and unvaccinated children of vaccinated guardians Traveller can get off the boat on arrival

Children under 2 years

Travel Authorization not required

Testing not required


Pre-Travel Test Requirements

All visitors aged 2 and older must take a COVID-19 test before entering Bermuda and upload the negative result to their travel authorization application form.

Fully vaccinated visitors may take either a PCR test taken no more than 4 days before departure, or a supervised antigen, NAAT Molecular or LAMP test taken more than 2 days before departure.

Unvaccinated visitors must take a PCR test taken no more than 4 days before departure (Supervised antigen, NAAT Molecular or LAMP tests are not accepted for unvaccinated travellers)

The requirements for a valid pre-travel test are outlined here.

Travellers under 2 years old do not have test to enter Bermuda.

Testing and Quarantine Requirements on Arrival

Any traveller with arrival testing requirements or day 4 or day 10 travel test requirements will have these tests automatically scheduled for them (test dates and locations will be emailed to the traveller).

The arrival test will happen at the traveller’s port of entry. If a traveller refuses to test on arrival, they will be expected to quarantine at your accommodation for 14 days. If they refuse to test after the 14 days, they will have to quarantine for a further 14 days

Any further tests booked will be emailed to the traveller notifying them of test date and location.

Vaccinated Travellers:

Upon arrival to Bermuda, vaccinated travellers have no further testing requirements.

Unvaccinated Travellers

Unvaccinated travellers (including those with an approved medical exemption) are required to:

- get an arrival PCR test (arrival day=Day 0)

- quarantine for 4 days, minus days at sea between last port to Bermuda and arrival to Bermuda (e.g., If the ship sailed for 3 days to Bermuda, quarantine remaining is 1 day)

- exit quarantine only to get quarantine PCR exit test, then return to quarantine

- upon receipt of a negative quarantine exit test, they can go about Bermuda

- get a Day 10 Supervised antigen test

Accompanied unvaccinated minors travelling with fully vaccinated parents/guardians have no on island testing requirements.

Outbound tests for Visitors

An outbound supervised antigen test will automatically be booked for all visitors the day before their scheduled date of departure from Bermuda (per the departure date entered on their travel authorization). If a visitor has stated on their application that they require an outbound PCR test instead of a supervised antigen test, a PCR test will automatically be scheduled 2 days before their scheduled departure date.

Visitors will receive a test reminder email telling them where to attend their outbound test.

Positive Visitors

Should a visitor test positive or be identified as a close contact at any point during their stay in Bermuda, they will be expected to isolate away from others at their own cost until they depart Bermuda at the end of their quarantine, per the travel authorization waiver they have signed. Click here for quarantine and isolation requirements.

Instructions for Your Travel Authorization Application:

Step 1: Up to one month prior to your trip to Bermuda, you may begin your travel authorisation application form by clicking the “Apply for Travel Authorization” button at the bottom of this page.

If you are an adult travelling with children under 18 years old, complete your travel authorization first, then complete a travel authorisation for each of the children travelling with you.

You do not need to complete a travel authorisation for children under 2 years old.

Step 2: Complete the application form and if applicable, upload proof of vaccination or medical exemption.

Step 3: Pay $40 to complete and save your Travel Authorisation application. Only Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted (no American Express). Before saving your application, please verify that the email address entered on your application form is correct.

Step 4: Your application will be stored until the departure date listed on your application. 4 days before your scheduled arrival to Bermuda, you will receive a reminder email to upload your pre-travel negative test result to complete your travel authorization application. A link will be provided to allow you to return to your application form. You may submit your application up until 1 day before your scheduled departure. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by the Quarantine Authority.

If approved, the Quarantine Authority will email your approved travel authorisation. All travellers must have an electronic or paper copy of the travel authorisation to travel. If you do not receive your travel authorisation email, check your junk/spam folder to make sure the travel authorisation is not there.

Visitors who do not submit a valid pre-arrival test result will be notified by email that their test is not valid and will be given the opportunity to submit a valid result. If a visitor cannot submit a valid test result, they will be denied a Travel Authorization and will not be able to travel to Bermuda

Step 5: Upon arrival to Bermuda, have your Travel Authorisation available electronically or printed for scanning by port health and immigration.

For any queries, contact Bermuda's COVID hotline at +1 (441) 444-2498 or