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Acquiring Your Deeds

Getting Started

All original deeds and documents must be submitted and lodged complete with the application for first time registrants. 

What happens to my deeds once I have registered my land

Once the application has been lodged correctly, the LTRO will scan an image of any relevant deeds to the Register during registration. Upon completion of registration, all deeds and documents will be returned to the owner or Attorney acting on behalf of the applicant.

What happens if my deeds have been lost or destroyed

The LTRAA 2017 takes into account that many deeds and documents in Bermuda will have either become lost, destroyed or illegible over time.  Any application lodged by an Attorney will need:

-    A statutory declaration
-    Sworn affidavit

This confirms, amongst other evidence of facts to support the applicant’s proof of ownership of the land or property, the details surrounding the loss of deeds and whether they know of any adverse claims against the land.

How to get a copy of your deeds

Occasionally, there may be deeds which are of significant historical importance and with the applicant’s permission we will refer these to the National Archive.

Any person can apply for an official copy of their deeds. For more information on obtaining official copies please see Ordering Official Copies.