Program Components / Service Description

Work-Related Class – Classroom instruction usually conducted within the Department of Workforce Development's Training Room that includes, but not limited to, job seeking skills, job placement skills, resume writing and job applications, and interview skills.

Independent Living Skills Training – Instruct beyond that received in a Work Related Class that typically provides training in skill areas other than vocational development that clients will need to function independently within the community. Skill areas may include, but not limited to, money management and self-advocacy.

Community-Based Experience – Hands on practical job skills experience in the private business sector that will be obtained through Internship Programmes.
Career Services Workshops

Career Exploration – Clients will be referred to the Vocation Officer who will provide valuable information that helps and clients to identify and evaluate “self” and “career choices.” It will include an assessment and a cluster of job titles that reflect your personal interests and competencies. When your work “fits” you, you are more likely to experience greater satisfaction and success.

Job Search – This workshop will cover a successful job hunt, how to get time to work in your favor;  how to market yourself through self-worth and market value; tips on resume writing and cover letters; best ways to use your connections; sites to look for jobs; and tips for acing the interview.

Resume Writing – This workshop covers resume formatting guidelines; how to demonstrate skills and strengths through writing; resume writing do’s and don’ts; importance of cover letters, sample resumes and cover letters and electronic formatting and sending.

Networking – Increase the number of job leads you can attain by learning how to network effectively in your job search campaign. Topics will include; building your network, your informational interviews and do’s and don’ts of networking.

Interviewing – The workshop teaches interviewing strategies in additional to the different interview styles and techniques to reduce anxiety. Topic also include – sample questions, illegal questions and how to handle them and follow-up steps.

Creating a Career Portfolio – Gain the edge in job-hunting with a portfolio. This class will provide you with the information you need to review your previous accomplishments, organize paper work and build a portfolio that illustrates the dept of your skills and experience.

How To Talk Best When It Matters Most – Clients will gain knowledge and skills that reinforce the importance of assertive communication as a strength that empowers individuals on-and-off the job.

Money Management – How to make your money go where you want it to go.