Hurricane Preparedness...

In the event of a disaster emergency units such as the Police, Fire, and medical services are first on the scene to assess damage, secure public safety, and to assist those in immediate need. Private utility crews will work to restore electricity, telephone and other utilities. Often disaster emergency responders cannot be everywhere helping every one immediately so everybody in your family should be ready to act... Read More

Useful Telephone Numbers  

EMO Press Room





United States Consulate Number


American Consulate General:

‘Crown Hill” 16 Middle Road

Devonshire DV 03

Tel: 295-1342






Air Canada
441-293-1777 or 1-888-247-2262


American Airlines

441-293-1420 or 1-800-433-7300


British Airways



Continental Airlines

441-293-3092 or 1-800-231-0856


Delta Airlines



US Airways



USA 3000



Zoom Airlines C-Travel




This EMO website is operated by the Department of Communication and Information and is the OFFICIAL site for Government information during an emergency.  This site operates in conjunction with the Government’s emergency radio station 100.1 FM and represents one of the two locations for OFFICIAL INFORMATION disseminated to the public by the Government of Bermuda

The EMO wants to ensure that every resident of Bermuda is prepared in the event of an emergency. The information on this page is designed to prepare you for what to do before, during and after a storm.

In the event of an emergency the EMO is enacted and will keep the public informed as information is available.

For information on all emergencies…tune in to 100.1 and continue to monitor this site for official updates from the Emergency Measures Organization.

For weather updates go to The Bermuda Weather Service at and the US National Hurricane Center website at

Evacuation information  
Any decision to advise people to leave a particular area or areas on the island will be made by the chairman of the Emergency Measures Organization (EMO)...
Evacuation is voluntary and seats on flights ...
Glossary of Terms  
Storm Basics
A "hurricane" is the most severe category of the meteorological phenomenon known as ...
Public Safety Advisories
Bermuda’s Emergency Measures Organization issues a series of advisories when ...
Potential Threat
The centre of a tropical system is forecast to come ...
A tropical storm or hurricane system could strike ...
A ‘Watch’ is issued when a tropical storm or hurricane ...
A ‘Warning’ is issued when the centre of a tropical storm or hurricane ...
All Clear
An ‘All Clear’ means the storm is no longer a threat, but residents know ...
Search and rescue
Rescue teams from the following agencies undertake ...