Prevention is providing individuals with information and education to make healthy lifestyle choices. To view the Department's Treatment and Prevention Partners, click here.

Prevention Agencies

The primary function of the prevention unit is deterring substance use before it starts. Using best practices, prevention programming, through our premier prevention agency, the Parents Resources Institute for Drug Education (PRIDE, Bermuda) and key partners such as the Life Skills programme via the Ministry of Education, Sports and Recreation, Centre for Alcohol Abuse Prevention and the Bermuda Council for Drug-free Sports, the DNDC provides both universal and special indicated prevention interventions activities that seek to educate young people to avoid high risk behaviour and reject drug use.

Over the past years the DNDC has worked with the agencies to strengthen their work through increased coordination of services with a shared strategic direction to support prevention efforts throughout the island. For some time now (20 plus years), the substance abuse prevention role in terms of direct service delivery (drug prevention education and community level information, awareness and interventions) is being carried out by a few dedicated non-profit agencies. PRIDE, the Centre for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (CADA) and to a less extent Bermuda Council for Drug free Sports (BCDS) have been the primary recipients of prevention grants from the DNDC.

Prevention Benefits

Drug Prevention speaks specifically to stopping use before it starts. It is a process that will empower school-aged children to make the right decision when it comes to alcohol tobacco and other drugs. The benefits of drug prevention for Bermuda include a healthy community in which people have a qualitative life free from drugs and crime. Drug prevention will give our social groups like the churches and sporting clubs the opportunity to stay connected and offer support to our youth.

Once young people have a supportive environment that provides opportunities, skills and recognition it reduces the likelihood that they will use drugs and alcohol. Drug prevention makes a difference in the whole community and presents the opportunity for partnerships and collaboration. Prevention keeps the community in a healthy and happy state of mind.


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