The State of ICT in Bermuda 2012

The State of ICT assesses the prevalence of ICT in Bermuda from an infrastructure, usage and skills perspective biannually.



Information Security Infographic

Information security: Snapshot from the 2012 State of ICT in Bermuda.


IT Careers and Certifications Snapshot

From the 2012 benchmark survey, this infographic relates to the specialist IT skills that local businesses are seeking.


Bermuda IT Career Guide 2013/14

The yearly magazine provides information that is useful to those seeking to embark on a career in ICT.


Setting Up a Local eBusiness in Bermuda

This brochure provides suggestions and tips about what to consider if you are thinking about starting an ebusiness in Bermuda.


Setting Up an International eBusiness in Bermuda

Suggestions to those who are established overseas and are interested in establishing an ebusiness in Bermuda.


World Commerce Review - March 2013

"Bermuda, the intelligent choice:" an interview with the Bermuda Minister of Economic Development, Dr. Grant Gibbons.


World Commerce Review - June 2013

"Bermuda – the place to be for ICT:" Bermuda’s ICT sector is vibrant with widespread technology usage across the island.


World Commerce Review - September 2013

"Revitalizing international business in Bermuda:" a commitment to continuing to be a jurisdiction of first choice for international business.


World Commerce Review - December 2013

"Bermuda, convergence capital:" the convergence market jurisdiction of choice over competitors in Europe and the Caribbean.


World Commerce Review - June 2014

"Bermuda - the wired island:" an interview with the Bermuda Minister of Economic Development, Dr. Grant Gibbons.


World Commerce Review - September 2014

"The gold standard in international commerce:" A state-of-the-art regulatory and technological infrastructure and a supportive regulatory environment.


World Commerce Review - December 2014

Looking for the right cloud location? Blue-sky Bermuda has it all when it comes to your wish list.


World Commerce Review - March 2014

Bermuda Delivers! Successful digital businesses demand a jurisdiction where the financial and regulatory environment supports the need for speed and security in every aspect of corporate set up, activity and growth.















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