All Emergencies Call 911

15 Wallers Point Road,
Southside, St. David's DD03
Telephone: 292-5555
Fax: 295-2316

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box HM 1199
Hamilton, HM EX

Hamilton Fire Station
49 King Street,
Hamilton, HM 19

Port Royal Fire Station
12 Middle Road,
Southampton, SB 03

Clearwater/Airport Operations Division Fire
Bldg 0637, 15 Waller's Point Road,
Southside, St. David's DD03



Educational Requirements

  • Hold a Bermuda Secondary School Certificate (BSSC) or General Education Diploma or equivalent.
  • Pass the Service’s entrance exam consisting of dictation, math, mechanical aptitude and general knowledge on Bermuda.

Physical Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be at least 5’5” in height
  • Have minimum eyesight of 20/30 vision without correctors
  • Have correct color vision during the day and night
  • Pass the Service’s physical fitness test consisting of 3200 meter run, 100 meter sprint, sit-ups and push-ups.
  • Pass the Service’s ability test consisting of lifting (fireman’s lift) and walking 30’ with 145lb dummy, lifting and walking 30’ with two 5 gallon canisters, mate two 2” inch couplings (screw them together), double roll a 2” inch hose, crawl pushing a 5 gallon canister while wearing a mask with minimum visibility, climb an aerial ladder 15.24 meters high at an angle of 60 degrees (with safety provisions) and pull a 60lb weight hand over hand to the height of 3.3 meters and return the weight to the ground under control hand over hand (3 cycles must be completed in 1 minute)

Once you have successfully achieved the fore-mentioned, you must then attend a formal interview and undergo a complete medical exam.

Becoming a Firefighter 

After securing a position as a recruit Firefighter, you will embark on an extensive 22 week training course to prepare you for the rigors of the job.

After successful completion of this course you will be qualified as a Firefighter as well as an Emergency Medical Technician.  

You will then be on a 24 month probation period at which time part-time outside employment is strictly prohibited.

You will be expected to work a 42 hour week consisting of two 9 hour days (9am – 6pm), two 15 hour nights away from home (6pm – 9am) and four rest days.  Annual leave entitlement starts at 21 days and increases progressively with long service and promotion.

As your career progresses, the Bermuda Fire Service will expect you to take on additional responsibilities beyond fire fighting duties.  You may be required to work in the Fire Prevention Department, become an emergency driver, become a training instructor or work in any other of the service under the discretion of the Chief Fire Officer.  You may also be required to attend courses offered locally or overseas.  There is also opportunity for promotion provided you take the appropriate promotional exams, which consists of theory and practical sections.

Chain of Command 

The following chart indicates the different levels you can obtain within the Bermuda Fire Service:

  • Chief Fire Officer
  • Deputy Chief Fire Officer
  • Divisional Officer
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Firefighter

The required uniform (dress and work) and protective clothing are issued free of charge and are only subject to replacement by the individual in the event of negligent damage or loss.

Applications are welcome from both men and women who meet the entry requirements.

Salary:  $ 42,781 - $ 50,432 per annum