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Corrections Headquarters

Officers’ Training School

19 Happy Valley Road

Pembroke HM 18


Mailing Address:


Hamilton HM AX


Telephone: 295-4975

Fax: 295-7718

Business Hours - 8:00 am – 4:45 pm


Co-Ed Facility

31 Ferry Road,

Ferry Reach,

St. George’s GE 01


Telephone: 297-1280

Fax: 297-2164

Business Hours - 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


Farm Facility

29 Ferry Road,               

Ferry Reach,

St. George’s GE 01


Telephone: 297-0222

Fax: 297-0955

Business Hours - 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


Officers’ Mess

22 Pender Road,

Ireland Island,

Sandys MA 01


Telephone: 234-0429



Westgate Correctional Facility

Pender Road,

Ireland Island,

Sandys MA 01


Telephone: 234-0555

Fax: 234-3075

Business Hours - 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

About Us  


Our Mission

To empower inmates to be responsible and productive citizens.

Our Beliefs


We believe that those in our custody have the potential to change.


We believe that our staff are our greatest asset in the achievement of our mission, and that they have the potential to bring about change.


We believe that the Bermuda Department of Corrections is an integral part of the entire Bermudian community.


We believe that we should operate the Department cost efficiently, while retaining the ability to achieve our mission.

The principle functions of the Department of Corrections fall into two categories:

1. Custody
The Department of Corrections is authorized to accept and detain all persons who have been lawfully ordered to be detained by the Courts or other legally constituted agencies such as the Bermuda Police Service.  Due to Bermuda’s small size and population, the Department of Corrections holds a wide range of offenders who may have sentences ranging from two days to life imprisonment.

2. Rehabilitation
The ultimate objective is to return offenders to the community as law abiding, contributing and self-supporting citizens. To this end every inmate is assessed upon entry and case plans are written for each person.  The plan includes any number of areas that the inmate needs to have addressed.  The list is prioritized, with those areas which are identified as contributing towards the behaviour which caused the person to offend being given high priority.


To administer sentences imposed by the courts under condition of safe custody and well-ordered community life, which is exemplified by the good character and leadership of the staff, so that convicted persons can lead good and useful lives on discharge: and to execute such awards of punishment on persons in custody as may be ordered by the courts or disciplinary authority.

PATI (Public Access to Information)

According to section 5 (3) of the Public Access to Information Act 2010, every public authority shall cause its information statement to be made available for inspection at its principal office, the Bermuda National Library, the Bermuda Archives and make copies available electronically or on any website of the public authority.

Individuals seeking further information about a public authority not accessible from this page should contact that public authority for information on accessing its Information Statement.