Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive a payment?
The Government department to whom you submit your invoice will determine the payment terms and time frame for receipt of payment.  Each Government department has a little different process for provision of payment information to the Accountant General’s Department.  However, once the approved payment batch and supporting documentation is received in the Accountant General’s Department, we pay in five (5) working days – each Friday.

Can I receive my payment electronically?
Yes.  Contact the department for who you provided your service to set up an electronic payment.

How do I know if funds have been remitted to my bank account (I.e., I’ve been paid electronically)
You will receive an email providing the check remittance information as soon as funds are transferred.

What do I do if I’m expecting a payment and the funds have not been credited to my bank account?
Contact the department where you provided your services.